Trumpie calls for “highest standards in public office”

Sir Elston Howard reports on the Prez’s latest venture on taking to the moral high road.


I amwrites Sir Howard) with Lord Donald Trump, boss of the USA, as he tells me exactly why he has called for an FBI query into the sex background of totally innocent Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Looking relaxed and sporting a freshly minted orange tan he opines: “Look Howie, lemme get one thing straight”, he says over a triple cheeseburger and a peanut butter-flavoured ¬†Diet Coke. “I demand the highest personal standards from my staff and the judges I own.

“If one of ’em even shows a hint of moral weakness, a dicey sexual past or kinky links with Playboy bunnies, porn stars, wannabe actresses or Russian call girls, like….they’re outta here”, he declared sticking a strangely small finger in the air for emphasis.

“Under the powers invested in me under the Stormy Daniels Act, I have asked the FBI, which I hate, to find out if Brett ‘Crybaby’ Kavanaugh ever dropped below the highest levels of moral probity.

“And, as the greatest president of America since Mel Gibson, I am sure that…….”

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