Birmingham Jazz presents

Danish guitarist brings his group to Birmingham.

Birmingham Jazz will be staging another international event at the 1,000 Trades bar in the Jewellery Quarter on Friday 20th April.

With the release of his critically acclaimed third album, Silent Storm, Danish guitarist and composer Kristian Borring and his group have been turning heads and stunning audiences with their tight-knit playing, strong control and emphatic expression. This is confident, sophisticated work firmly in the jazz tradition and a pleasure to listen to throughout.

The guitarist and his London based group have been touring playing at clubs and festivals every year since 2011, to ever-increasing audiences around the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Since Kristian’s first release, Nausicaa, in 2011, he has been standing out as a melodically strong guitarist working closely with pianists in his group, allowing the music’s subtle but complex rhythmic and harmonic twists to invite the listeners inside his lengthy and engaging compositions.

The band has been working together since 2008, capturing the audience with their thigh-knit playing, noted by Julian Joseph (Jazz on BBC Radio 3) as a group “exercising strong control and empathy “ and by John Fordham (The Guardian) as “classy” and “accomplished”. Besides touring the national club venues they have also had multiple successful appearances at festivals such as London Jazz Festival and Oxford Jazz Festival where they were the pick of the week in The Guardian.

Kristian Borring, Friday 20th April. 1,000 Trades 16 Frederick Street, B1 3HE Admission £12.50 (members £10, students £5).