Howard sez: It just ain’t cricket

The huge-mungus questions of the day are answered by our resident seer, The Hon Lord Howard Elston of Strangeways.

Laurel from Doncasterville asks: All I see when I put on my 58 inch tv are all those Ozzie cricket players crying all the time. What they s-o-o-o sad about?

Sir Howard: They got caught.



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Mark it:  Prive, por favore, no peekies


One thought on “Howard sez: It just ain’t cricket

  1. Australian cricket is ruined. No excuses. Captain. Vice captain. Player. Coach.
    Cheats. Proven cheats. Premeditated cheats.
    What a sorry bunch of crooks. A laughing stock of cheats without honour. Everything they have claimed as a victory is just a sham.

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