Howard: Trump/Bannon secret tapes


Jaffa the Trump

Confidential recordings of phone calls between Prez Trump and Steve ‘Bagman’ Bannon have revealed exactly what they think of each other. This shock report from Sir Howard Elston.

I have received hush-hush tapes this very morning of how the president and Bannon went nose to nose and tit for tat following the new fracas that has erupted in Washingtonland. This news comes as a new book reveals that Banno thinks Jaffa The Trump (see above for visual joke) is a toad and his son is a traitor (writes Sir Howard). 

Here are verbatim juicy excerpts from the telephone call that will rock the nation to its red white and blue core:

Steve Bannon: You’re a big jerk

Prez: You’re a fart-nose

Bannon: You’re a double doody fart-nose

Prez: You’re a Tushie-face

Bannon: Double Tushie-face

Prez: I call triples and no backsies

Bannon: Your son talks to the Ruskies and looks like a vampire

Prez: You got a face like a sack of potatoes

Bannon: You don’t sleep with your wife

Prez: Leave what’s her name out of this…poo head

Bannon: Double poo head.

(The 18 minute call continues in similar form and can be downloaded from my site: [email protected])




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