Exclusive: Howard sit-down with Theresa May

Thinking it through…or not

Sir Howie Elston (DOA), our diplomatic editor, has a 1-2-1 with Queen May.


Howie: Tezza, so good to see you. Sit down.

Tezza: Mucho gracias, Dood. How they hangin’ ?

Howie: Swinging in the wind, sister. But  let’s get stuck in: You had a snap election and lost your majority. How come?

Tezza: I hadn’t thought it through

Howie: You roped in the totally bonkers DUP ultra nationalists from Northern Ireland to prop up your flailing government. How come?

Tezza: Hadn’t thought it through.

Howie: Then you spaced out the Irish border question as you started Brexit talks. How come?

Tezza: Whoops, hadn’t really thought that one through either. 

Howie: And now the cur-a-zee DUP nutjobs say they’’ll  quit the coalition unless they get their way on an open border. Whaaaa…….?

Tezza: Hadn’t thought it thru.

Howie: Theresa, you and your pals have really not got Mr Finger on Mr Pulse here. Whatcha think?

Tel: Err…really hadn’t thought it through….Can I go now?

Howie: Of course, El Prima.  And always a pleasure to engage with you and your lucid thoughts.