Cadbury College futureproofing student learning

New approach will help boost students readiness for digital future.

Cadbury College has introduced an innovative new approach to learning for its students to ensure they are prepared for a future in the digital age.

The specialist sixth form is now offering free laptops to its students as part of an experiment to see whether having 24 hour access to their own laptop will improve their learning process.

The college expects that by providing the students with laptops, it will help them to become work or university ready by equipping them with the skills they need to fully utilise technology.

Jeremy Rogers, Principal at Cadbury College, said: “Using technology is a large part of every day life now, both in work and socially, therefore this test will see how beneficial it is to get students used to it for something more than social media.”

The new intiative will bring more of a focus to e-based learning, expanding on the traditional print based methods of teaching. Those students who already have a laptop will be able to get a free bus pass covering the whole city network, to ensure every student receives a beneficial offering from the college.

Cadbury College is still accepting last minute applications. For more information or for a Meet the Principal College Tour call: 0121 458 3898 or email: [email protected]