Quoing to a go go

Status Quo have announced details of their annual tour, including a Wolverhampton date. Rachel Watts reports.

Back in 2016, Status Quo announced the end of their Electric sets, and that their UK Winter Tour would be the last of the Electric sets, future tours would be acoustic, following on from the success of their two Aquostic albums.

Rick Parfitt did not get to perform on the last electric tour, announcing in October 2016 that he would not be returning to live performances having suffered another heart attack in June 2016 after a show in Turkey. Irish guitarist Richie Malone would continue as Parfitt’s replacement. Tragedy struck on Christmas Eve 2016, when Parfitt died suddenly in Spain of sepsis, following an infection of a pre-existing shoulder injury. The funeral took place at Woking Crematorium in January 2017.

Never a band to stay off the road too long, the band announced an UK Acoustic tour for December 2017, along with their usual European dates, plus shows in New Zealand and Australia.

However, the band have now announced that the UK winter tour will revert back to an electric set – Plugged in – Live and Rockin! Francis Rossi said about the decision, “This has been a year like no other. Rick’s passing has been a huge blow. Now everything has changed. The band is not the same – it can’t be and shouldn’t be. We’re still listening to the fans, we always have, and we’re hearing that this is what they still want. We’re going to give it to them”.

UK tour dates include Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Sunday 3rd December. Originally advertised as an acoustic set, this will now revert to what Quo do best, plugging in the guitars and blasting out hits from the last five decades. The Civic Hall maybe a smaller venue than they are used to when in the Midlands, but having performed there twice on the Frantic Four reunion tours, that just adds to the intimacy of what will undoubtedly be a fantastic night of classic rock n roll!

Information regarding tickets can be found at the official Status Quo website