Or just black magic?

Andy Munro is less than impressed with Blues’ interest in John Terry.

According to the Mail, Blues and the Villa are supposedly fighting it out for the privilege of paying between £3 million and £5 million in annual wages fo an ageing centre half who is never going to win Mastermind in any category that I can think of. A centre half who has never experienced the rumbustious and unforgiving grind of a long Championship season.

To be honest, as a Blues fan, I’m ambivalent about the proposal. If we get him, fine presuming we’ve also got shedloads of money to additionally sign a younger central defender, an influential midfielder and a ‘fox in the box’ forward as well.

We are told that Terry might not be the quickest in physical speed but makes up in speed of thought. I’m not sure I buy that and there is a nagging suspicion that he might spend half the season injured. On balance, I hope Brucie wins the race although if somewhere more attractive like Fulham come calling (or another Premier League club), the whole debate may be an academic one.