Mystery creature spotted at Cadbury World

Search begins for elusive ursine.

A mysterious bear-shaped creature has been reported hiding in the Aztec Jungle at Cadbury World in Birmingham this week.

Staff at the popular family attraction have taken to grabbing their binoculars to try and find the elusive character, which has been heard rustling in the undergrowth of one of the Cadbury World zones.

It is believed it may be one of the much-anticipated, and shy bears, which are currently on their way to the city and will be making their appearances on streets, parks and open spaces this summer.

Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World, said: “We first heard the noises a few days ago and everyone has been keeping a close eye on the Aztec Jungle to see if they can work out if it is one of The Big Sleuth bears. Staff have been searching high and low for him, but haven’t been successful – yet. But we are confident we shall be soon.”

She added: “We are expecting our very own Big Sleuth bear to be arriving at Cadbury World in the next few weeks and we are very excited to be able to see how he is decorated, so perhaps that may be the answer to the mystery.”

Elinor Eustace, Deputy Director of Fundraising at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “We have asked our artists to check if one of The Big Sleuth bears has gone wandering out of their studios for an adventure. We believe it may be one of these.

“Two years ago, the Bournville site hosted Buttons the Cadbury World owl, as part of The Big Hoot project. It sold for a total of £9,000, helping to raise more than half a million pounds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and so we are delighted to have them involved again with The Big Sleuth. Thanks to Cadbury World and our other corporate partners we will ultimately be able to fund some important projects for the children and young people at our hospital and for that we’re immensely grateful.”

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