Resigned – aren’t all Blues fans?

Andy Munro writes about Blues’ two-goal loss to Burton Albion and it’s aftermath.

At least Zola had the decency to resign after our humbling to the mighty Burton. However, watching his grilling by journalists was quite painful as he’s undoubtedly a decent man but that can’t detract from his continual misjudgments.

It certainly proves that great players don’t always make great managers – Bobby Charlton anybody? At a much lower level, I’ve learnt that myself, playing alongside or managing some superbly talented players who unfortunately couldn’t be relied upon to manage brushing their own teeth. Zola’s pride wouldn’t let him give up easily but this doggedness has been at the expense of the club.

I’m not one of those who still mindlessly chant “There’s only one Gary Rowett,” but the faceless Chinese consortium undoubtedly made a big mistake in replacing Rowet with a manager who, to say the least, had a rather mixed managerial pedigree.

Perhaps this was an appointment which reflected the Chinese maniacal Big Brand philosophy. If so, tt seems to be continuing with ‘Arry now in charge, but short term it might just get us out of a desperate situation. I certainly didn’t realise ‘Arry had secured charitable status with his announcement that he’s not doing it for the money (Inland Revenue take note).

As regards the match against Burton, Blues were simply beaten by a side playing to a shape that the opposition all understood, overladen by a real commitment and determination; simples. Not many Blues players came out of the game with any credit. Gardner was awful as were the back five with only Shotton deserving any praise. Up front, Jutkiewicz laboured with little of the service from the wing on which he thrives and only Che Adams looked capable of getting Blues back in the game,something they never deserved.

Cor Blimey ‘Arry, you’ve got your work cut out, guv!