Ploughing the same furrow

Blues’ draw at Ipswich saw them inching closer to safety, as Andy Munro reports.

There’s not much to choose between the mediocrity of both the Tractor Boyz and Blues and both teams are lacking in terms of goals and inspiration. While an away point would normally be welcomed the jury must be out as to whether it’s a point gained or two lost.

We probably deserved to edge it but that was by no means by a country mile as the home side also had their moments. Certainly Zola’s diamond formation appears to have tightened things up, albeit in a slightly turgid way. Jutkiewicz played welL up front but (despite Jonathan Grounds’ nosebleed moment) only Gardner offered real support and this type of formation is unlikely to garner us three points anytime soon.

The talented Frei is going to start to wonder whether he was sold a dud ‘un when persuaded to sign for the new, attacking, Zola- inspired Blues. Equally, the likes of Stewart and Adams must be wondering what they’ve done wrong. While the daunting next two games might not be the time to try it, with Belik making a big and calming impression in defence, one hopes at least one other forward thinking player might be slotted in during a nervy run in. Mind you, whether that player is Donaldson remains to be seen as he came on to put in a short but decent shift whilst failing to convert a more than reasonable opportunity….normal service seems to be resumed in his case.

Zola appeared to be a bit downbeat in his low key way, but at the same time he claimed it was a decent result. If it’s to be measured in Italian wine drinking, the result is probably only one up from a Lambrusco and certainly not a Valpolicella.

It seems that Villa can now put their feet up and Wolves can reach for their carpet slippers, while, in all likelihood, Blues will need to keep their boots on until the end of this particular road.