Down among the dead men

Andy Munro is sceptical about Blues’ chances of staying up after a 1-1 draw at Rotherham.

The way things are shaping up, a match against Rotherham will be one of the more attractive fixtures next season. This is a team with a recent appalling record, one which is so appalling that it’s worse than Blues’.

Apparently in the aftermath of what seems like defeat, Zola described the result as “hugely frustrating” and pointed out how the team struggled due to lack of confidence. If I wasn’t so depressed about things I would, as they say these days, LOL. There’s only one individual who can instil confidence into a struggling side and that’s the manager. Dare I venture the suggestion that it is part of his job? Mind you, when you’re managed by somebody who is currently looking like a cross between a ghost and a stressed out undertaker, what are the chances?

Zola still can’t see that his insistence on sticking with five at the back is the problem and that any time the opposition attack we look a fragile outfit, hence our inability to keep a blank sheet. Changing around a forward or even a midfielder is not the solution, it is the formation that must change. Playing four at the back will allow us to play a proper winger for ninety minutes to give the forward(s) some proper service.

The robust outfit that are Burton now loom on the horizon in a must win game (yet another ‘must win’ as we squander the points). I have no confidence that we will get a result and can see the scenario where Villa gleefully dump us in the bottom six with only promotion-chasing Huddersfield and rejuvenated Bristol City to play. That will no doubt confirm a miserable end to what started out as a promising season. To use another set of initials, albeit of an older age, it’s just a pity that TTA can’t become TTFN!