Andy Munro on Blues’ pointless trip to Brighton.

Well, a visit to Brighton has left us well and truly beached with the tide coming in rather too quickly for most Bluenoses. Meanwhile, Zola is doing an excellent impression of King Canute while TTA have their heads well and truly in the sand. To continue the seaside analogy, the Wolves tugboat is steadily chugging away from troubled waters whilst the luxury yacht that is Villa is cruising on the horizon, albeit unlikely to win any racing cups this year.

A mate of mine who’s a Spurs fan (in fairness, he lives south of Watford) went to see the match and his text nicely summed things up post match…..“decent in midfield but no attack and couldn’t deal with crosses”. This recipe of punchless up front with a panicky defence is, of course a recipe for disaster and however much we pack midfield, we are eventually going to pay dearly.

I think we all now realise that the appointment of Zola was a horrible mistake and maybe we should have hung on to Gary Rowett although I do think he would have still eventually ended up at Derby. I also didn’t shed any crocodile tears when he left given the quality off football was like watching paint dry. But, and it’s a big but, his replacement was ill judged and the question has to be asked of who the hell were advising TTA? (Note: Peter Panos has gone particularly quiet recently and one wonders if he is culpable on that matter)

Unfortunately, we are where we are and it’s highly likely that Mr Rowett will be gleefully hammering another nail into Blues’ footballing coffin on Saturday. One can only hope and pray to the footballing gods that those below us suffer a similar fate before we start playing a few winnable matches.