Sir Howard special interview: Trump’s first two months

Trump with cabinet

Sir Howard Elston, scourge of the left, enemy of the right, answers the Big Question as Trump finishes his second month in the White House

THE BIRMINGHAM PRESS PANEL:  Sir Howard, is Trump doing a good job two months after the inauguration..inauger…inorgin…since he took the presidential vow?

SIR HOWARD ELSTON (OBE): The man should be arrested, locked in a dark room, shackled to a hissing radiator, forced to face twin pictures of Obama and Hillary and only be let out one hour a day for fresh air while made to listen to Joni Mitchell songs and wearing a clown mask and an orange jumpsuit.

TBP: Thank you, Sir Howard, for that special insight. It’s been an honour.

SHE (OBE): And thank you.  Make the cheque out to cash, please.