The Rowett conspiracy?

Andy Munro reflects on the recent managerial change at St Andrews.

There’s been an outpouring of grief about Gary Rowett’s dismissal but, without being disrespectful, here’s a slightly alternative view.

First of all though, I concur with the general belief that the sacking was badly handled and that Gary Rowett is a very decent manager who has done a very good job, with limited funds, following the tragedy that was Lee Clark. I also agree that Gianfranco Zola may not be most people’s choice as a replacement and that his arrival at St Andrews might reflect the general trend toweards foreign owners being hung up on ‘celebrities’, in the footballing sense.

Despite this, Gary has the reputation of being a nearly man and furthermore the standard of football served up has, at times, been abysmal. For those who blame this on the paucity of resources then I would cite a very impressive Barnsley side, who recently thrashed us but who are hardly Barcelona in investment terms.

Furthermore, as a football manager for many years myself, albeit at junior level, I feel that some of his decisions have been mystifying. Signing Fabrini, Stewart and Adams and only giving them limited game time. Persisting with two natural two target men who patently can’t play together while only employing one winger to give them service. Just two examples but there are many more.

Perhaps I should also add that Rowett’s backroom staff of Kevin Summerfield and Mark Sale were not exactly in the inspirational mould given the times they’ve been interviewed post-match when they’ve sounded about as bright as a wet weekend in Weston.

Either way, we should get behind the new manager, who is patently a decent man, and give him the time it is bound to take to put his own stamp on the Blues.