Back to basics

Andy Munro on Blues’ encouraging display at Huddersfield.

Huddersfield might have suffered a five-nil reverse the week before but they had still won six out of seven home matches and you know what they say about wounded animals! Despite the threat, fair play to Gary Rowett, who went for two up front but, despite this also being my preferred option, they didn’t really gel. Either Donaldson didn’t know his role or couldn’t adapt to not being the main man up front. Still, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I hope that the manager persists.

The fact is that Jutwiekicz wins 90% of balls in the air and is dangerous in the box both areas where he is infinitely better than Donaldson. However Donaldson is more mobile and it makes sense for him to have a free role up front but NOT on the wing. It’s a mystery to me why every time that Jutwiekicz either challenges for the ball in the air or holds it up, there isn’t his strike partner plus a midfielder in and around him.

On the plus side, the defence performed well and were also well protected by the midfield. It was also good to see Cotterill given a start (a view which I’m sure isn’t shared by everybody) and also good to see Fabrini given another run out , proving that he still has a part to play. However, to me, he needs to be given a licence to pick the balL up and drive into the box.

We have two holding midfielders who can ‘stick’ so why not? If Grealish can do it for the Villa, Fab should be able to replicate and more. Mind you, roll on the return of the talented Tesche as Gleeson is fast becoming Rowett’s version of Brucie’s Damien Johnson.

Overall, it was a very decent point and I think we need to get real and realise that, with a side that comparatively speaking in the big spending Championship is Charity Shop material, we will need to scrap for every point. Having said that, if we do, we could still sneak into the play offs. If that happens, how about Blues v Villa at Wembley for a place in the Premier League? Now that’s a thought to warm the cockles.