Halloween happenings at Dudley Castle

Chance to witness ghostly goings on at haunted venue.

On the 31st October, the night of the year when the veil between this world and the next is said to be at its thinnest, Eerie Evenings, the Midlands’ oldest paranormal events company, are carrying out a spine-tingling ghost hunt at Dudley Castle and are looking for brave individuals to join them.

Chris Arnold, who founded Eerie Evenings Ltd in 2005, said, “Dudley Castle is one of the most haunted venues in the UK and somewhere we have investigated many, many times. New experiences of paranormal activity are reported all the time by staff and visitors alike and we have had some unbelievable nights there with our guests. Halloween is traditionally the time when one is most likely to have a brush with the supernatural, so we are thrilled to have exclusive access to the castle on this night.”

The event will run from 7pm until 1:30am and will include readings from psychic mediums and a ghost walk around the castle and grounds, followed by vigils in the most haunted parts of the building. Guests will be able to take part in experiments such as séance, dowsing and glass-divination, with the opportunity to use real ghost-hunting equipment during the investigation. Refreshments will be provided, as ghost-hunting can be thirsty work!

The company prides themselves on providing completely authentic ghost hunts, as Chris stresses, “Our events are 100% genuine; there are no tricks, stooges or sleights of hand and no-one is going to jump out at you! There is though, always the very real possibility that you will experience legitimate paranormal activity.”
Hauntings of Dudley Castle.

Built circa 1071, Dudley Castle is undoubtedly one of the most haunted castles in the world, with many ghosts that have been seen for hundreds of years. The most famous of those is probably that of The Grey Lady, with a photo allegedly showing her apparition making headline news around the world in 2014 (http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/dudley-castle-grey-lady-ghost-7909051).

Also still apparently roaming the rooms and grounds of the castle is John de Somery or The Robber Baron, a notorious lord from the castle’s history whose stone coffin can still be seen in the undercroft. On several occasions, people have witnessed a pair of ghostly legs standing by the side of the coffin, believed to be John himself paying a regular visit to the place he perhaps still thinks he owns and rules over.

Another spirit residing in the castle is that of a little girl, who many people claim to have been pushed, pulled or prodded by. On one occasion it is said that she even flipped a chair over in front of an astonished group of paranormal investigators. On another investigation a black shadow was caught on camera, and several groups have experienced a strange ‘grinding’ sound coming from the chapel on the floor above. Upon investigation of course, there is no-one there and the sound has ceased.

There is also a ghostly drummer boy, allegedly killed by a single bullet during the Civil War, who is heard on many nights, drumming out his warning for all around. However it is considered bad luck to see or hear him, due to the ill luck that befell him, being killed by a single shot from one of the most inaccurate firearms ever invented, the 17th Century musket.

For more information or to purchase tickets for the event, contact Eerie Evenings direct on:
0845 201 3994 or visit their website at www.eerie-evenings.com