Under the radar

Andy Munro on Blues’ win at Leeds.

With all the furore surrounding Villa’s first win since kingdom come , Blues excellent win at Leeds almost seemed to go unnoticed in the media. Let’s face it, fixtures at Elland Road are never the easiest for either footballers or fans so it was good to bag our first three points.

Gary Rowett put both new attacking options on the bench which is understandable as they need to get to know the team and there was no need to bring them straight in, in the circumstances. In fairness to Rowett, this meant that while he fielded a fairly defensive line up with a midfield of Gleeson, Kleftenbeld and Gleeson, the bench was brimful of attacking options.

However, I did find it strange that there was no room for Tesche following his outstanding midweek performance. Conversely what I didn’t find strange was that the side was Caddisless again which may be an ominous sign for fans of one of our cult heroes.

Maghoma put us into the lead and whilst I’m not his greatest fan, I don’t think that he usually lets us down although there’s a fair few on the Tilton Road who would disagree. Having said that wingers are a bit like Marmite to fans but either way one hopes that our new Scottish signing doesn’t spell the end of Cotterill’s tenure with Blues.

However with two new signings maybe it’s time to say au revoir to Shinnie and Vaughan, whose presence can only hinder the development of the likes of Charlee Adams. Both are players who are, at best, struggling Championship standard and, at the very least, a loan spell beckons.

A final note on the media coverage on both radio and TV. With BRMB no longer a real player, the local coverage is poor with Radio WM fielding Paul Franks whose love affair with the Wolves, indeed anything from the land of pork scratchings, is quite frankly a bore.

Meanwhile Channel 5 are equally dismal, their coverage presented as it is by the smirking gnome George Riley and his attractive female assistant. Blues were on last, the Gary that was interviewed was predictably Monk not Rowett and Blues were described as “struggling” and “short of confidence” on the basis of a draw against Cardiff yet Leeds had lost their first game. So who was struggling?