Pupils rewrite the book on myths and legends

Bristnall Hall Academy students stage book launch.

“What would we need to do to make a real book with different myths inside?” That’s the challenge year eight pupils at Bristnall Hall Academy faced one sunny afternoon in Oldbury.

The pupils, led by teacher Wesley Morrison, took on this exciting challenge as part of their English lessons. Pupils at the Academy Transformation Trust secondary academy gathered a selection of books from the library and catalogued the different elements that compose a book: illustration, title, contents page, publisher’s details, author details and of course, the written content itself. This catalogue of elements allowed pupils to create their own ‘to do’ list of jobs that needed completing to write their own book.

The biggest task was writing the myths themselves. Pupils were given a list of twenty myth ideas to choose from and they set about ‘story boarding’ their myths and pupils began crafting their story; they worked independently over two lessons using a ‘drafting checklist’ as they directed themselves to complete the final draft of their myth. The third lesson was used to practice proof reading skills and give their myths a title. Mr Morrison then collated the myths and submitted the book for print.

This week a professionally bound and printed edition of their myths and legends arrived at the academy. Year eight debuted their book, Myths and Legends from Room 33, in style by hosting a formal book reading and an afternoon tea party.

Vince Green, Principal, said: “At Bristnall Hall Academy we pride ourselves on giving pupils opportunities to take part in unique learning experiences that will challenge them and allow them to stretch themselves. This project-based learning allowed year 8 pupils to showcase the progress they had made over the year as writers, but also as peers who could collaborate and inspire one another.

“Well done to all of the pupils and to Mr Morrison for their hard work.”