Dudley Zoo in the spotlight

CBeebies’s star comes to Dudley for new TV show.

Baby animals at Dudley Zoological Gardens had a brush with a huge CBeebies celebrity when he dropped by to film his new children’s TV show yesterday.

Andy Day, best known for Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, came to the Black Country hot spot to film segments for his brand new educational show which has the working title of Andy’s Baby Animals, due to hit television screens this autumn.

The brand new 20-part CBeebies series which sees Andy meet a range of different types of baby animals from across the country including a jerboa, wildebeest, polar bear, arctic fox, a river otter and a capuchin.

Yesterday’s filming saw him meet and film with a four month old humboldt penguin called Sebastian and an adorable peafowl chick which will grow up to be either a peacock or peahen once its gender is confirmed.

Speaking of the brand new series, Andy said: “It’s definitely one to watch. The BBC has a lot of archive footage of all sorts of baby animals doing all sorts of things for the first time like learning how to swim and learning how to get food. I get to meet the animals and teach our audiences about what they do and how they do it, using all the archive footage that we already have.

“It’s a great use of our material and we get to educate children who crave to learn about all these different types of animals too.”

Andy’s Baby Animals will also be filming at Hampton Court Castle and Gardens in Herefordshire, Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, Drusillas Park in East Sussex and Crocodiles of the World in Oxfordshire.