Happening at Artrix

Music and film coming up.

Close-harmony, eclectic, semi-acoustic piano-led wonder Mumbo-Jumbo brings together three top Midlands singer songwriters who have played in acoustic clubs and blues festivals across the country.

The trio, Oliver Carpenter, Chris Lomas and Phil Bond, share lead vocal duties. Between them they play no fewer than nine instruments and, combined with their strong vocal harmonies, this results in an evening of brilliant musicianship.

Mumbo-Jumbo will be performing in the Artrix Studio on Saturday 14th May. Tickets cost £10.00 a

Tom Robinson was a hugely influential figure in the seventies. He had a string of hits including Glad to be Gay and 2-4-6-8 Motorway which made him popular with teenagers who admired his rebellious rhetoric. Between 1992-1996, Robinson released a trilogy of albums on the acclaimed UK folk/roots label Cooking Vinyl. Around the same time his career as a radio broadcaster began to take off: Robinson went on to host programmes on all eight of the BBC‘s national radio stations and win two gold Sony Academy Radio Awards.

Tom has just relaunched his own career by releasing his first album in twenty years. His songs remain as vibrant and edgy as ever and you can see him performing them at Artrix on Sunday 15th May. Tickets cost £15.00

Eddie the Eagle, Youth and Zootropolis are amongst the selection of films to be screened at Artrix Cinema this month.

Eddie the Eagle tells the story of the British Olympic ski jumper who was determined to succeed against the odds. In a tribute to the recently departed David Bowie, there will be a screening of Labryinth in which Bowie stars as the Goblin King. Helen Mirren stars in Trumbo which tells the story of a Hollywood screenwriter who falls foul of the 50s Red Scare. In Youth, Harvey Keitel and Michael Caine form an unlikely friendship at a health retreat. During the Whitsun holidays, a fugitive fox and a rooky bunny uncover a conspiracy in Zootropolis.

Tickets for Artrix cinema cost £6.80 (£5.80) or £6.30 (£5.30) for Friday matinees.

All Artrix tickets can be purchased from the box office on 01527 577330 or on www.artrix.co.uk