Cadbury World holds Heritage Weekend

Explore the history behind the iconic brand.

There’s a chance to delve into the history behind chocolate and the iconic Cadbury brand as Heritage Weekend returns to Cadbury World from 16th–17th April.

Delightful guided walks are on offer throughout the weekend, showcasing significant places of interest within the scenic Bournville village. The tour brings to life George and Richard Cadbury’s story and their revolutionary vision to build both a new factory and community, as well as improving the quality of life for the ordinary people of Birmingham.

Back at Cadbury World, there’s even more history to discover through the attraction’s chocolatey zones. In the reception area, you’ll find a live human statue of John Cadbury to help bring the magic of the past to life, before seeing his first shop later in the Bull Street zone. There’s also the chance to travel back 1,000 years to the Aztec Jungle to uncover the origins of the cocoa bean and take a trip down Advertising Avenue to relive some of Cadbury’s most iconic advertising campaigns, including everyone’s favourite drumming gorilla.

For an extra dose of nostalgia, head to the popular Chocolate Making zone to watch the talented Cadbury World chocolatiers demonstrate traditional chocolate making skills, whilst enjoying a delicious pot of melted Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with your choice of toppings. With a selection of themed gifts and treats to purchase in the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop, as well as the Cadbury Café, there’s plenty to explore on a day out at Cadbury World.

No visit to Cadbury World is complete without trying out the interactive 4D Chocolate Adventure zone, where visitors can experience how it feels to dive into a pot of melted Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and soar through the skies in a Creme Egg airship piloted by the Caramel bunny – all from the comfort of your motion seat.

Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World, said: “We are really excited for the return of Heritage Weekend this month, giving our visitors the chance to explore the scenic Bournville Village as well as everything here at the attraction. It remains one of our most popular weekends, and is a fantastic way to celebrate the incredible Cadbury legacy.”

Heritage Weekend is just one of a number of exciting events coming up this spring at Cadbury World, including Sooty in Space, Pirate Weekend and the brand new Basil Brush Show.

For more information about Cadbury World or to book your tickets in advance visit or call 0844 880 7667.