London Midland responds to passengers over autumn timetable

Train company to increase services.

London Midland is making some changes to its leaf fall timetable in response to customer feedback.

On the Cross City line from Monday nd November, the 0732 and 0812 trains from Selly Oak to Lichfield will call additionally at Longbridge (0722/0802), Northfield (0724/0804), Kings Norton (0727/0807) and Bournville (0729/0809).

Autumn leaf fall creates challenging driving conditions for trains. The wheels and rails become coated with a hard residue, making the rail head slippery, so our drivers need to slow down to adapt to the driving conditions. Last year the autumn timetable helped improve punctuality by almost fifty per cent.

Reducing the number of station stops helps in two ways. Driving conditions are most hazardous when breaking and pulling away from stations, so reducing the number of stops makes a real difference. Secondly, travelling at a slower speed and calling at all stations can cause delays and may lead to further disruption.

Head of Cross City Services, David Whitley said “It’s important to listen to customers and get the balance right. These changes will reduce crowding on board and minimise delays at stations as people get on and off the trains. The autumn timetable on the Lichfield to Redditch line is now in its second week and we have had lots of constructive feedback from both customers and staff.”