Blues dusted by Millers

Andy Munro witnesses Blues at home to Rotherham.

I think, as Blues fans, we all need a reality check and this match will have served nicely. One moment we’re thinking about the play-offs and league Cup glory, then in a few days, we’re out the up and losing to one of the favourites for relegation.

In truth we are, at best, a mid-table side who might flirt on the fringe of the play-offs if we hit a purple patch. Unfortunately, the maxim that you get what you pay for is never truer than in the world of football. We’ve been shopping at Primark not Selfridges and while there doesn’t seem much difference to the quality initially, the Primark version soon starts to show wear and tear when it’s been through the ringer a few times.

All Championship clubs have to put up with hectic schedules and we’re no different except our squad is as shallow as a kiddies bathing pool. Also, when you look at the squad,players like Toral may be on loan from a top club like Arsenal but if he was on the bench more often than not for Brentford last season, then there is a reason why.

Gary Roewett stuck with his tried and tested formula, both in terms of tactics and players but they looked a jaded bunch against a Rotherham side that broke quickly. Right from the start the signs were ominous and it’s a shame that Gary didn’t have a Plan B like Mr Sherwood allegedly had.

One of the problems with the Blues is that if they switch to 4-4-2 it looks as if they’re going back in time to English football in the sixties by throwing it forward as if their lives depended on it. Yet, before the mania for 4-4-1-1, English teams regularly played good quality 4-4-2 football. Maybe Rowett needs to test it out a bit more on the training ground so it becomes a calculated option rather than one for footballing desperados. I certainly felt sorry for the young Dane who only seems to be given a chance when it’s lump it up time.

However, things need to be put into perspective and just as one swallow doesn’t make a summer, one defeat doesn’t have to be a tragedy. Certainly, I would shake up the side at Brentford but generally I think we have to trust Rowett to get the best out of a squad of players who are maybe just one notch above mediocrity. Perhaps, the worst thing about the defeat was having to listen to their manager Steve Evans crowing about their victory and undoubtedly he has the same charisma and class of a manager based a mere few miles from St Andrews.

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