The roots of Black Sabbath

Historic venue to host gathering.


Black Sabbath fans will be able to pay homage to their idols at an event taking place next month.

On Sunday 20th September a vinyl playback featuring Sabbath’s self-titled debut album and the chart-topping Paranoid will be staged at Newtown Community Centre in Newtown, where the band first starting playing together.

The first two Sabbath albums and some relevant supporting discs will be introduced by Rob Horrocks, whose work on the Crossroads of Sabbath walking tour has brought to light many previously unpublished details about the band and their time growing up in Aston. Rob said: “With the 45th anniversary of Paranoid coming up I decided to do an event to maximise the profile of the location as a site of relevance in the Black Sabbath story.

“I love the idea that all those years ago the lads booked the room and what they did there ended up being relevant in the music scene for years to come. And to this day anyone can still book the room for similar pursuits. We need to value our community centres and the creative potential they hold. Who knows what global music sensation is taking tentative steps in a community facility near you?”

The organisers think that this is the first time a public vinyl playback has taken place in Birmingham and believe that this is the first time that such a historically significant venue has been used for such an event.

Date: Sunday 20th September 2015
Time: Doors open at 3.30pm and the 2-hour playback begins at 4pm
Tickets: £6 available now from