Screengrab: 7 reasons to like 7 Psychopaths

Richard Lutz points you to a bloody parody of a parody of a crime caper on the box this week

7 Psychopaths(Thurs, 22.00, Ch4) is a goofy parody of an urban noir crime movie: witty, fun, violent, tricksy, a send up of Tarantino and there is a small dog in it too. Here are seven reasons to watch 7 Pyschopaths:

1. It has Christopher Walken in it: Well, what can you say? This ex-hoofer can just look at someone to chill the blood. And here he plays it for laughs.

2. It has Woody Harrelson in it. He is an ultra-violent hood whose Shih Tzu pooch is dognapped. Old Bullethead plays it for blood.

3. It is directed by Martin McDonagh. This Irish writer was in charge of In Bruges with Colin Farrell and produced The Guard. He also had four plays on in the West End at the same time. There must be something about the boy.

4. It’s got Colin Farrell in it (see above). He plays a less dumb loser than In Bruges. But his Irish hack with a writing block can’t get past the title of his new thriller called, of course, 7 Psychopaths.

5. It’s got Harry Dean Stanton in it. Well, say no more.

6. It’s got Tom Waits in it as an assassin whose speciality is killing assassins.

7. I forgot what this last one is.