Environmental group launches election challenge

Who is the greenest candidate of them all?

Birmingham Friends of the Earth launched their election surveys of all Birmingham’s local and parliamentary candidates today. The group are contacting all candidates with the questionnaires and will publicise the results on their website.

The surveys include questions on a range of environmental issues. Birmingham Friends of the Earth are looking to show where candidates stand on a number of key green issues facing Birmingham and the UK. The group are hoping that constituents can use their findings to help make an informed choice about who to vote for at the upcoming local and parliamentary elections.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Elections Officer Timba Robinson said:“Birmingham Friends of the Earth is party politically neutral and we don’t support any particular political party. However we do think it’s important that voters have the information to be able to make informed choice about who to vote for.

“It can often be quite difficult to find out candidates’ views on important environmental issues. We hope that our election surveys can help voters take account of environmental issues when deciding how to vote.”

“With so many important national and local environmental issues to tackle, including increasing renewables, stopping fracking, improving the quality of green space, re-localising our economy, and making our waste system more sustainable, it’s never been so important to know where candidates stand on key environmental issues.”

Survey questions and candidates responses can be found at: www.birminghamfoe.org.uk/elections/