Seventh heaven

Terry Wills on an eventful time at the Hawthorns.

What a week! Tony Pulis in, the rest of Alan Irvine’s backroom staff following their boss on the road looking for new jobs, an improved performance in a 1-1 draw at West Ham and rounded off by a thrashing of an unfortunate Gateshead in the third round of the FA Cup.

At the end of this game as is now traditional players swapped shirts, but in the opening half until Albion opened up a late 2-0 lead it was as if the non-league team were wearing Albion’s shirts.They looked comfortable on the ball, in the process appearing the more likely name going into the hat i for the fourth round draw.

Tony Pulis, unhappy at what he’d seen from ‘upstairs’ promptly passed on what he expected via a third party. A further three goals gave Man of the Match Saido Berahino a quartet and the wonderful Gateshead fans, plus Baggies supporters, applauding the valiant efforts from a side unlucky to lose by a clear seven goal margin.

This bring me on to the overriding all consuming won’t go away question, namely the future of Berahino. Will he, should he , be sold in the January transfer window?

Amazingly Jeremy Peace, worried by the possibility of seeing West Bromwich Albion playing in the Championship next season, agreed to Tony Pulis having the ultimate decision on the buying and selling of players. This is a suggestion that would have been unthinkable to every Baggies fan for as far back as I can remember.

Pulis has stated that he wants to bring in new players and has been promised cash will be made available. If that depends on cashing in on a player valued at around £15-20 million, I along with many supporters would say “no way”. Despite his impending court case Berahino is still an invaluable asset, a young player who will continue to improve, increase in value and most important of all the one player who can score the goals necessary to avoid relegation.

Saturday sees another struggling club, Hull City at the Hawthorns to contest a game that both sides feel will be a major boost in the dogfight to put distance between the sides and ease the pressure on their respective gaffers.

Can Tony Pulis open the New Year with what would be a perfect start for both the team and players?Being bold,and optimistic I’ll take Albion to gather the win that will give us a four point advantage in the Greed League table.