Pop Art hits Wolverhampton

Day-long event to feature guests from across Europe.

In conjunction with its exhibition POP EUROPE!, Wolverhampton Art Gallery is holding a symposium, exploring the origins of Pop Art beyond the UK. The event takes place at both Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Arena Theatre on Tuesday 2n d December from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Tickets cost £15 or £10 for students and includes lunch.

The day long event includes lectures and discussions, questioning the UK and USA associations of the Pop Art movement and invites visitors to discover its origins in Europe.

The symposium features guest speakers from across Europe. The keynote speaker is Dr Frank van de Schoor, Curator of Modern Art in Nijmegen and closer to home, Flavia Frigeri, Assistant Curator at the Tate Modern will also be speaking.

Dr Connie Wan, Pop Art Curator at Wolverhampton Art Gallery said “We’re very excited about this symposium. Pop Art and culture is often associated with the USA and America and we wanted to challenge this assumption. We’re very lucky to have some excellent speakers. Whether you’re in to Pop Art, studying at university or just have a general interest in art, this symposium is a fascinating day.”

To coincide with the symposium, the Art Gallery has updated its POP EUROPE! app, which is the first the Museums & Galleries service has ever produced. The free app allows visitors to find out more about the featured artists and artworks and take part in a Pop Quiz. The updated version provides information about the symposium speakers and offers a free filter coffee or tea in the Art Gallery café.

For those interested in attending this fascinating symposium, tickets can be booked online at www.bookwhen.com/wolverhamptonartsandheritage or by phoning 01902 552055.

This symposium is at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Arena Theatre on Tuesday 2 December from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Front page pic (c) Julio le Parc.