Hope at home and abroad

Incurable optimist Terry Wills on Albion and England.

After all the speculation, Saido Berahino failed to gain his first full cap as England comfortably defeated Slovenia, then followed this by beating the old enemy from north or the border, winning both games 3-1. While neither were top-class opposition, the relative ease with which both sets of opponents were seen off raised hopes that possibly, at some time in the future, we may have a team capable of testing most of the top nations. I did say possibly, though.

Down to more important matters and Albion’s visit to take on the seemingly all-conquering Chelsea, arguably the greediest of all the clubs in the Greed League. Being frank, if we came home with anything less than a two-goal defeat that would be cause for celebration.

Albion’s defence is weak, as (painfully) witnessed during the Newcastle game, there’s a lack of width down the flanks, and apart from the aforementioned Berahino who is there to score the badly-needed goals?

Perhaps Alan Irvine can somehow instill a determined attitude not to lose into his chosen line-up, but if not then it will be a case of attempting to pick up the pieces prior to the next game, which is against another top team, namely Arsenal. All a supporter can do is believe that hope does spring eternal.

Come on you Baggies.