Get ready for the new coalition

Richard Lutz envisions a new and surprising coalition government come May 2015.

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

Well, we will have had five years of Tory-Lib dem government come this May.For good or bad. But if things take an unexpected twist and turn, tighten your seatbelt and prepare for a coalition one never expected.

It may run something like this, considering the increasingly fractured state of British national politics:

Labour squeaks through even though it loses a boatful of Westminster seats in Scotland. Most go to the Scots Nats who now only hold six of the 59 constituencies north of the border.But they grab nearly two dozen old Labour seats and Ed Miliband finds the only party to parley with to form a UK government is… yup, that’s right, the SNP.

Which means forming a Labour-SNP coalition.

So you have a  new Labour-SNP partnership of strange bedfellows, the junior party being one that has one thing in mind- to split the union.



And who will be the  bossman of the SNP half of the coalition? The Deputy Prime Minister of the UK? Well, just maybe the newly-elected Alex Salmond, who is looking at an east coast MP’s seat soon to be vacant. And his vision? Well, obviously to kickstart another independence referendum backed by the UK’s third biggest party – his own SNP.

So watch this space. And come May, hold on to your hats. It may be a blind rollercoaster ride in the Westminster corridors the day after the election.

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  1. ….and what better way to shake up those who would call themselves politicians in Westminster…..politics could be on the cusp of becoming fun……we’re having a ball up here in Scotlandshire…..Glasgow was Carnival City for the last 9 months as young people and the arts and cultural communities took over the streets…….:-)

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