Bus journeys quicker since cameras introduced – claim

Bus lanes “ease delays and benefit us all.”


The overwhelming majority of motorists coming into Birmingham city centre are observing the city council’s controversial bus lanes and the benefits are helping passengers with increased punctuality on the city’s services.

The claim comes from bus operator National Express West Midlands, whose research shows that delays at city centre bus stops has been reduced by 16% and 1,800 more buses have left their terminus on time since bus lane cameras were introduced in 2013.

The figures were welcomed by Birmingham City Council’s cabinet member for Development, Transport and the Economy, Cllr Tahir Ali, who said: “With the current tunnel closures it is great news that bus lane enforcement is having such a positive impact on bus journey times and city centre congestion.

“We would like people to see public transport as a viable alternative to using their cars to commute, particularly over the summer while the tunnels are closed. With reduced delays and shorter journey times we’re moving closer to making that happen.

“When motorists drive considerately and observe bus lane signage correctly, they help improve bus reliability, increase road safety, encourage cycling and reduce CO2 emissions. We all benefit from this.”

Cllr Ali went on to warn motorists, “However, when drivers ignore the bus lane signs, their actions have the opposite effect. After some initial problems where we have learnt lessons, I am confident that our signs are now clear and we are enforcing bus lanes. Motorists will be fined if they disobey them in the same way as they would be fined if they breached other traffic signs.”

One thought on “Bus journeys quicker since cameras introduced – claim

  1. But since Centro began converting city centre streets into railway lines it takes far longer for many commuters to reach their bus stops than any savings referred to in this article can ever deliver.

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