Don’t forget the diver

Terry Wills on the big talking point of Albion’s weekend.

It dominated not only the views of Baggies fans, but the opinions of the national media – press, television, radio, and messageboards.

No prizes for guessing what I’m talking about – that nonsensical, last few seconds penalty award to gift the must arrogant and disliked manager in the game (unless you support Chelsea) the opportunity to preserve his 65 game unbeaten home record. For how long remains to be seen but if Chelsea continue to receive early Christmas presents such as this at any stage of the season, it could be a undermined time in the future.

Every reporter, commentator, summariser and respected former players were in total agreement. It wasn’t a penalty and the player should have been shown a yellow card for a dive worthy of a Olympic champion.

Then at the final whistle Jose Mourinho was the only character to claim it was definitely a spot kick – although being fair any manager in his position would defend their own player – and followed it by arrogantly stating that West Bromwich Albion are a Mickey Mouse club and Jonas Olsson a Mickey Mouse player. Is it any wonder that he sparked such post-match outrage?

But onto the game itself. From one down, due to a typical Liam Ridgewell error, Albion responded with a splendid headed goal from a back to form Shane Long, and took the lead via a somewhat fortunate one from Stephan Sessesgon.

Growing in confidence they matched one of the biggest Greed League clubs every step of the way and if Chris Brunt hadn’t squandered a chance to make it 3-1, that penalty award wouldn’t have prevented Albion returning home with faces beaming and left the Not Special One having to dredge up more defiant excuses,

All round a solid team performance. Goalkeeper Boaz Myhil sound, Gareth McCauley and Jonas Olsson a perfect defensive duo. You Mulumbu, a usual stirring display. Shane Long ? Welcome back – you gave John Terry a most
uncomfortable afternoon and more of it, please.

No game this week due to the international break, leaving Albion and Villa supporters eagerly anticipating what will happen on the 25th when the Sky cameras visit the Hawthorns for THE match both sets of supporters want to win more than any other.

Local pride at stake? You’d better believe it, but more of that in due course.