Teachers celebrate long service and say goodbye to their history boy

Dedicated teachers and staff who clocked up a combined total of more than 560 years at Aldridge School have said goodbye to the longest serving member of staff.


Steve Randall said goodbye

Pictured with staff is Steve Randall and (l-r) Rees James, 20 years, Peter New 38 years, Nigel Hopley, 36 years and Steve Sellers, 34 years

History teacher Steve Randall said goodbye to colleagues and students at the Tynings Lane School where he has taught for 44 years.

The 66-year-old, who started his teaching career when the Beatles were in the charts and man first stepped foot on the moon, was treated to a send-off, which also celebrated other long-serving teachers.

He said: “Sadly it is time to say goodbye. I have loved teaching here at Aldridge, the positive atmosphere created by colleagues, students and parents has made my time at the school a genuine pleasure.”

With an average of 27 years’ teaching between 21 teachers, the school believes it has some of the longest serving staff in the borough.

Mr Randall is followed by fellow history teachers, Peter New, who has worked at the school since 1975 clocking up 38 years’ service, and Nigel Hopley who joined two years later in 1977.

Other long serving staff, who yesterday (July 23) bid farewell to Mr Randall, were design and technology teacher Steve Stellers who has been at the school for 34 years.

David Mountney, head teacher, said the school was fortunate to have a loyal team of staff with such a wealth of experience.

“It is a great community here in Aldridge and many parents who send their children here will remember being taught themselves by some of our longest serving teachers especially Steve Randall who we will miss. So as well as saying thank you and goodbye we celebrated all 21 long-serving teachers who have each averaged 27 years at the school.”