Carnival advice

Police in Birmingham are wishing people a happy carnival and encouraging those who join the celebrations to have a safe and enjoyable day. Handsworth Park is once again hosting celebrations for the biennial Birmingham Carnival on Sunday (4th August) and local police will be out and about to make sure everyone taking part can do so in a safe environment.

An estimated 30,000 people will attend the celebrations and months of planning have gone into the police operation that will be in place. Anyone attending the festival is reminded that this year random searches will be carried out at the gates by security staff, as alcohol is prohibited.

Officers have been working closely with the council and other partners to prepare for the festivities and have issued the following advice for those in attendance:

  • If arriving by car, drive safely and always park lawfully and considerately.
  • Leave plenty of time to find a parking space which may be some distance from the park.
  • Make sure car windows and sunroofs are secured.
  • Never leave valuables on show in cars.
  • Be aware of personal belongings.
  • Always make sure handbags are secured and never leave wallets in back pockets.
  • Stick with your friends and look-out for one another.
  • Report any concerns or suspicious behaviour to police.
  • Do not bring alcohol onto the premises.

Inspector David Keen, who is responsible for policing in the area, said: “As with any event of this size, we are issuing advice to revellers so that Birmingham Carnival is enjoyed by all those who join the celebrations. We are therefore asking that those travelling by car park considerately and that people are aware of personal belongings at all times.

He added, “We want people to have a good time on Sunday and stay safe. Our officers will be out patrolling the area and available to deal with any concerns. To ensure safety there will be random searches at the gates this year and any items which are not permitted will be confiscated.”

Plans will also be put into place to keep traffic delays to a minimum along the procession’s route from Holyhead Road to Handsworth Park. Stewards will enforce rolling road closures to allow the parade to pass and once clear, the road will re-open to avoid disruption to other road users with traffic police on-hand to help get traffic flowing again.

On the day, roads around the park will be closed with access only granted to residents in possession of a relevant permit issued by the city council. Drivers are advised to leave extra time for their journeys.