International Dawn Chorus Day; two dawns away

There are just two days to go until bird lovers across the world come together for the annual celebration of nature’s ode to joy when songbirds fill the air with music as the sun comes up.

Dawn Chorus DayInternational Dawn Chorus Day has come a long way for its humble beginnings in the 1980s in the back garden of Birmingham based broadcaster and environmentalist Chris Baines with events now taking place from the heart of Birmingham to Colorado’s Evergreen Lake and the Glens of Scotland to sunny Tenerife.

The organisers of International Dawn Chorus Day, The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham & the Black Country, want to make this year’s event a celebration of nature with modern connectivity and are hoping the event will trend globally on social media as participants tweet their experience of the dawn chorus all over the world.

Communications Officer, Joe Peacock says: “Twitter is a great way to share experiences, and this year participants will be using the hashtag #IDCD to tweet their experiences of the event. We hope that this will bring people closer together to see what’s happening around the world and feel part of a global community of nature-lovers.”

Reflecting on the success of International Dawn Chorus Day, Chris Baines says: ‘’The simple ideas are always the best! Every year, wherever I happen to be, I get an enormous thrill from listening to the dawn chorus on this special day, and knowing that I am sharing the pleasure with friends and family in lots of other places around the world.’’

In order to take part locally, you can go to to find an event happening near you. There are nearly 100 events listed on the website and people all over the globe will be rising early to enjoy International Dawn Chorus Day 2013, which aided by social media, will be a truly global experience.