Professor receives fellowship to research men’s health inequalities

An academic based at the University of Wolverhampton has been awarded a Winston Churchill Travel fellowship in the area of medicine and health.

Prof. Laura Serrant-Green

Prof. Laura Serrant-Green

Professor Laura Serrant-Green, Director of Research and Enterprise at the University’s Centre for Health and Social Care Improvement, is celebrating after her application for funding was successful.

She will now be flying to the Caribbean and New Jersey for further research into the area of black men and prostate cancer. Previous findings have shown that black men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, a problem not just confined to Britain.

The Professor’s fellowship will enable her to share understanding of how black men manage their prostate cancer and how community advocacy may encourage earlier presentation and greater awareness of the illness.

The Fellowships, issued by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, bring with them an ambassadorial element in championing an issue of social concern to the UK.

Fellows receive a grant to cover return and internal travelling, daily living and insurance within the countries visited.

Professor Serrant-Green said: “I’m absolutely delighted that my application for a fellowship was accepted. The fellowships are very prestigious and are supported worldwide thanks to the Churchill Trust and other international organisations. I’m excited to continue my research into men’s health and health inequalities.”

Aside from her role at the University of Wolverhampton, Professor Serrant-Green is also visiting professor at The University of the West Indies and Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Alberta, Canada.

She continues to work as a community Mentor with Black and minority ethnic communities.

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