New light on Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service has taken delivery of three bespoke compact fire vehicles to tackle smaller incidents in the region.

Toyota Fire Trucks

Phil Loach, Assistant Chief Fire Officer with West Midlands Fire Service (left) with John McGauley, Managing Director of Pick Up Systems

The ‘BRV 270’ specially adapted Toyota Hilux Invincibles have been specially designed and built by Pick Up Systems Ltd part of the Birmingham-based global investment company Jeeg Group.

The company worked in conjunction with the Transport and Operational Departments of the Fire Service to ensure that they met their specific requirements and were fully equipped to tackle any incident.   They will be based at Coventry, Dudley and Tipton but could be deployed anywhere in the West Midlands.

Initially they will complement the existing fleet of traditional fire tenders as part of a trial and in time replace a number of the larger vehicles.

John McGauley, Managing Director of Pick Up Systems said: “UK fire brigade statistics show that up to 80% of fires are small nuisance fires and can be tackled by smaller, more efficient vehicles.  With this in mind, we developed a Rapid Intervention Vehicle which is currently used as a front line fire fighting vehicle by many brigades throughout the UK.

“The BRV 270 is an updated version with additional kit lockers and a high output pump capable of tackling house fires.”

The BRV 270 also carries road traffic collision and water rescue equipment as well as rakes, beaters and breaking in tools.  Crew breathing apparatus and various medical equipment including a defibrillator are located in the cab.

Eamon Gaughan, Chief Executive of Jeeg Global whose head office is in Spencer Street, Hockley  added:  “Using these smaller vehicles saves both time, man power and costs.  I am sure they will have a significant impact on the day to day running of the Fire Service”

Phil Loach, Assistant Chief Fire Officer with West Midlands Fire Service said: “We are striving to develop economical, effective and safe ways to match our resources to the risks posed to our firefighters and our communities.  We have been impressed with both the capability and cost effectiveness of these innovative vehicles.

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