All Together Now

From Steve Beauchampé.

How many times do friends recommend to us a television programme, book or recording? All too often we never find the time to take them up on this and so miss out on something that might have enriched our lives.

If you’ve never got round to listening to the Beatles entire catalogue then Ramjac can surely help.

Recognising that many of us are time poor, he’s condensed the group’s entire studio output into a mere 8m 22s. Starting with the longest track (Revolution No. 9) the songs run concurrently – thus I Want You (She’s So Heavy) starts with 7m 47s remaining – and as each track kicks in the whole thing builds from a quiet and slow start into a cacophonous crescendo that makes the latter stages of A Day In The Life seem tame by comparison. Keep up Ringo!

Oh, and do check out some of the listeners ‘real time’ comments that pop up at various points during the piece.