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The Birmingham Press has received a plea for help from a local school and is happy to assist where possible.

Bordesley Green Primary School

Bordesley Green Primary School

“Our school, Bordesley Green Primary, has been shortlisted to the final 6 entries in the National Ronseal Playground Project. We are the only school in the whole of the West Midlands to reach this stage of the competition and we are in desperate need of your support. The playground is currently a barren area of uninspiring grey concrete. If we are successful we will receive £30,000 towards a new playground.

In order to win we need to collect the most votes on the Ronseal UK facebook page. We are currently in 2nd place. The school that currently leads is in Scotland and they have had a lot of media coverage.

We need your help to gain as much publicity as we can for our campaign. We have until midnight on Friday 15th July to gain votes.

Any publicity we can get would be fantastic. If you could put in on the Birmingham Press we would really appreciate it and also if there is a database of contacts or even if you could get everyone in your office to do this it would really help out.

Please support our local school.

I have included below details of how to cast votes. Could you please also pass the details on to anyone on your team that can vote on our behalf.


1. To vote you must be on Facebook,

2. To vote simply click the two links below, first you must “LIKE” Ronseal UK on facebook


3. And finally “LIKE” our school picture


It would be great if you would take up the Brummie cause!