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Light House May / June Listings



Sun 1 May 5.20pm & Mon 2 May 5.40pm, 8.10pm

Cert 15, 1hr55

Dir. Joanna Hogg, UK, 2010

Edward arrives on a remote island off the English coast, to join his mother and sister who have organised a family holiday. But Edward’s father repeatedly fails to join the gathering, instead communicating with his wife and children via a series of increasingly strained phone-calls. His absence serves to bring the family’s buried anger and repressed emotions to the surface and underlying tensions are gradually revealed through raw scenes of bitter sibling rivalry and marital disharmony.



Sun 1 – Mon 2 May 5.45pm & 8.20pm, Tues 3 May 5.45pm, 8.10pm, Wed 4 May 2pm, 5.45pm , 8.10pm, Thu 5 May 5.45pm, 8.10pm

Cert 15, 1hr43

Dir. Andy DeEmmony, UK, 2010

Manchester, 1975. The now much diminished, but still dysfunctional Khan family continues to struggle for survival. Sajid, the youngest Khan, is deep in pubescent crisis under assault both from his father’s tyrannical insistence on Pakistani tradition, and from the fierce bullies in the schoolyard. In a desperate attempt to ‘sort him out’, his father packs him off to Mrs Khan No 1 and family in the Punjab, the wife and daughters he had abandoned 35 years earlier. It is not long before Mrs Khan No2 with a small entourage from Salford swiftly follows to sort out the mess.


Tue 3 May 5.40pm, 8.20pm, Wed 4 May 2.15pm, 5.40pm, 8.20pm, Thu 5 May 5.40pm, 8.20pm

Cert PG, 1hr39

Dir. Lucy Walker, Brazil/UK, 2010

Waste Land follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys from his home in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho. There he films an eclectic band of ‘catadores’, self-designated pickers of recyclable materials. Muniz’s collaboration with these inspiring characters as they recreate photographic images of themselves out of garbage, reveals both dignity and despair as the catadores begin to re-imagine their lives. Waste Land offers stirring evidence of the transformative power of art and the alchemy of the human spirit.


Fri 6 May 8.30pm, Sat 7 May 5.40pm Sun 8 – Tue 10 May 6pm, 8.10pm, Wed 11 May 2.15pm, 6pm, 8.10pm, Thu 12 May 5.20pm

Cert 12A, 1hr33

Dir. Duncan Jones, USA, 2011

When decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up in the body of an unknown man, he discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. In an assignment unlike any he’s ever known, he learns he’s part of a government experiment called the “Source Code,” a program that enables him to cross over into another man’s identity in the last 8 minutes of his life. Colter re-lives the incident over and over again, gathering clues each time, until he can solve the mystery of who is behind the bombs and prevent the next attack.



Fri 6 – Tue 10 May 5.45pm & 8.15pm, Wed 11 May 2pm, 5.45pm, and 8.15pm & Thu 12 May 5.45pm & 8.15pm

Cert 12A, 1hr38

Dir. Woody Allen, USA, 2010

Two married couples find only trouble and heartache as their complicated lives unfold. After 40 years of marriage, Alfie leaves his wife to pursue what he thinks is happiness with a call girl. His wife, Helena, reeling from abandonment, decides to follow the advice of a psychic. Sally, the daughter of Alfie and Helena, is unhappy in her marriage and develops a crush on her boss, while her husband, Roy, falls for a woman engaged to be married. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin and Antonio Banderas



Thu 12 May, 7.45pm

Cert 15, 1hr33

Dir. Mark Hopkins, USA, 2009

In the war-zones of Liberia and Congo, four volunteers with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) struggle to provide emergency medical care under extreme conditions. With different levels of experience, each volunteer must find their own way to face the challenges, the tough choices, and the limits of their idealism. “Living in Emergency” is a window into the seldom portrayed and less-than glamorous side of humanitarian aid work.


Fri 13 May 5.45, 8.10pm, Sat 14 May 1.45pm, Sun 15 – Tue 17 May 5.45, 8.10pm, Wed 18 May 2pm, 5.40pm & Thu 19 May 5.45, 8.10pm

Cert 15, 1hr45

Dir. Jim Loach

Oranges & Sunshine tells the story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson), a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in recent times: the organised deportation of children in care from the United Kingdom to Australia. Almost single-handedly, against overwhelming odds and with little regard for her own well-being, Margaret reunited thousands of families, brought authorities to account and worldwide attention to an extraordinary miscarriage of justice.


Fri 13 May 6pm, 8.20pm, Sat 14 May 2pm, 6pm, 8.20pm, Sun 15 – Tue 17 May 6pm, 8.20pm, Wed 18 May 2.15pm, 6pm, 8.20pm & Thu 19 May 6pm, 8.20pm

Cert 15, 1hr24

Dir. Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland, 2010

English & Polish with Eng Subtitles

A high-octane chase thriller, Essential Killing shows that in war every man can be both predator and prey. Captured by the US military in Afghanistan, Mohammed is transported to a secret detention centre in Europe. When the vehicle he is riding in crashes, he finds himself suddenly free and on the run in a snow-blanketed forest, a world away from the desert home he knew. Relentlessly pursued by an army that does not officially exist, Mohammed must confront the necessity to kill in order to survive.



Fri 20 – Tue 24 May 7.35pm, Wed 25 May 2pm, 7.35pm, Thu 26 May 4.45pm

Cert 15, 2hr34

Dir. Guillaume Canet, France, 2010

French with English subtitles

Every year, Max, a successful restaurant owner, and Véro, his eco-friendly wife invite a merry group of friends to their beautiful beach house. This year before they all leave Paris, their buddy Ludo is hurt in a serious accident, which sets off a dramatic chain of reactions and emotional responses. The eagerly anticipated vacation leads each of the protagonists to raise the little veils that for years they have draped over what bothers and upsets them. Pretences become increasingly hard to keep up, until the moment when the truth finally catches up with them all


Sun 22 – Tue 24 May 6pm, 8.20pm, Wed 25 May 2.15pm, 6pm, 8.20pm, Thu 26 May 8.20pm

Cert PG, 1hr42

Dir. Kelly Reichardt, USA, 2010

The year is 1845 and a wagon team of three families has hired the mountain man Stephen Meek to guide them over the Cascade Mountains. Claiming to know a short cut, Meek leads the group on an unmarked path across the high plain desert, only to become lost in the dry rock and sage. When a Native American wanderer crosses their path, the emigrants are torn between their trust in a guide who has proven himself unreliable and a man who has always been seen as the natural enemy.



Fri 27 – Mon 30 May 7.50pm, Tue 31 May 5.30pm, Wed 1 June 2pm, 7.50pm, Thu 2 June 3.45pm

Cert 12A, 2hr8

Dir. Emilio Estevez, USA, 2010

Tom (Martin Sheen) is an American doctor who comes to France to collect the remains of his adult son, who dies in a storm in the Pyrenees while walking ‘The Way of Saint James’. Driven by his profound desire to understand his lost son, Tom decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage, leaving his California life behind. Armed only with his son’s backpack and guidebook, he begins the 800km historical pilgrimage where he meets other people from around the world, all broken and looking for greater meaning in their lives.



Fri 27 – Tue 31 May 7.45pm, Wed 1 June 2.15pm, 7.45pm, Thu 2 June 7.45pm

Cert 15, 2hr5

Dir. Takashi Miike, Japan, 2010

Japanese with English subtitles

The year is 1844. A young lord rapes and kills with impunity by virtue of his political connections. Though the era of the samurai is fading, an honest government official covertly enlists thirteen swordsmen to assassinate this sadistic lord before he can seize more power. With the clock ticking, the assassins lay a deadly trap for the lord and his army of bodyguards, culminating in one of the bloodiest, muddiest swordfights ever put to film.


Tue 31 May 8.20pm, Wed 1 June 6pm

Cert PG, 1hr11

Dir. Sergei Eisenstein, USSR, 1925

This latest assemblage of Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece is something of a revelation, even to those who’ve seen the warhorse classic many times in duped copies. Meticulously restored by the Deutsche Kinemathek, with dozens of missing shots replaced, the new version also boasts remarkably sharp images and a rousing rendition of Edmund Meisel’s score.


Fri 3 – Tue 7 June 5.45pm, 8.10pm, Wed 8 June 2pm, 5.45pm, 8.10pm

& Thu 9 June 5.45pm, 8.10pm

Cert 12A, 1hr47

Dir. Luc Besson, France, 2010

French with English subtitles

From visionary director Luc Besson (La Femme Nikita, Leon) comes an adventure set in the early part of the 20th century. The story follows popular novelist Adele Blanc-Sec (Louise Bourgoin) and her dealings with would-be suitors, the cops, monsters and other distractions. Based on legendary cartoonist Jacques Tardi’s original stories, Adele Blanc-Sec perfectly recreates the intrigue, romance and excitement of one of the most tumultuous periods in history.


Fri 3 – Tue 7 June 6pm, 8.15pm, Wed 8 June 2.15pm, 6pm, 8.15pm, Thu 9 June 6pm

Cert TBC, 1hr23

Dir. Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, USA, 2009

Beautifully animated and featuring an all-star cast voiced by Christopher Plummer, Lynn Redgrave and Isabella Rossellini, My Dog Tulip is a touching; bittersweet adaptation of the late British author, J. R. Ackerley’s enduring novella, exploring the 16-year relationship with his adopted Alsatian bitch, Tulip. Directed by award-winning filmmakers, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger, it is the first animated feature ever to be entirely hand drawn and painted, utilizing paperless computer technology.



Fri 10 – Sun 12 June 6pm, 8.10pm, Mon 13 June 6pm

Cert 15, 1hr26

Dir. Gustavo Hernandez, Uruguay, 2010

Spanish with English subtitles

Filmed in one single continuous shot of seventy eight minutes, La Casa Muda focuses on Laura, who, second by second, intends to leave a house which hides an obscure secret. Laura and her father Wilson settle down in a cottage they have to renew since its owner will soon put the house up for sale. They intend to spend the night there and make the repairs the following morning. Everything seems to go smoothly until Laura hears a sound from outside that gets louder and louder on the upper floor of the house…



Mon 13 June 8.10pm, Tue 14 & Thu 16 June 6pm, 8.10pm, Wed 15 June 2.15pm, 6pm, 8.10pm

Cert TBC, 1hr30

Elizabeth Mitchell, UK, 2011

A psychological drama based on the acclaimed novel by Jane Rogers, Island is a haunting tale of yearning, retribution and redemption. Abandoned at birth, Nikki Black has spent most of her life in ‘care’ sustained only by fairy-stories. Incapable of love, fearful and desperate for revenge, she decides to find her birth mother, confront her… then kill her. She travels incognito to the remote Hebridean Island where Phyllis now lives as a recluse to carry out her plan.



Fri 10 – Tue 14 June 5.40pm, 8.20pm, Wed 15 June 2pm, 5.40, 8.20pm

& Thu 16 June 5.40pm, 8.20pm,

Cert 12A, 1hr53

Dir. Christian Carion, France, 2009

French with English subtitles

Based on true events in the early 80s that hastened the downfall of the Soviet Union, this gripping thriller focuses on an episode in the Cold War where the fate of the world rested in the hands of one man. Emir is a disenchanted KGB spy who risks his life so that things may be different for future generations, passing secret information to Pierre a French bureaucrat, who passes it all the way to the upper echelons of the French and US governments. As they lie to their loved ones and the KGB furiously search for the leak, both men must fight for survival and a freer life.


Fri 17 – Tue 21 June 5.40pm, 8.10pm, Wed 22 June 2pm, 5.40pm, 8.10pm & Thu 23 June 5.40pm, 8.10pm

Cert 15, 1hr54

Dir. Nick Hamm, Ireland, 2011

This rock’ n’ roll comedy follows Neil McCormick, a young Irish songwriter and budding genius. There’s only room for one singer in school band The Hype and his friend Paul’s already bagged the job. Neil forms his own band with his brother Ivan, determined to leave The Hype in his wake. But there’s a problem: The Hype have changed their name… to U2. And Paul has turned into ‘Bono’. Naturally there’s only one option for Neil: become bigger than U2.



Fri 17 – Sun 19 June 5.45pm, 8.15pm, Mon 20 June 5.45pm

Cert 15, 1hr41

Dir. Xavier Dolan, Canada, 2010

French with English subtitles

Francis and Marie are close friends. One day, during a lunch, they meet Nicolas, a young man from the country newly arrived in town. As one rendezvous leads troublingly to another – whether real or imagined, the signs are all bad – each of the two friends slides deeper into obsessive fantasies around the same object of desire. And the deeper they slide, the more their once cast-iron friendship begins to crack under the pressure of competing for the new kid on the block.


Mon 20 June 8.20pm, Tue 21 June 5.45pm, 8.20pm, Wed 22 June 2.15pm, 5.45pm, 8.20pm, Thu 23 June 5.45pm

Cert 15, 1hr45

Dir.Janus Metz, Denmark, 2010

Danish with English subtitles

Award winning film director Janus Metz arrives in Afghanistan with a group of young soldiers on their first tour of duty. Stationed on the Helmand frontline in Camp Armadillo the platoon fights increasingly fierce battles with an enemy that is nearby but rarely seen. Metz captures life on the frontline with an uncompromising and intense vision, bearing witness to the realities of the combat zone. As the fighting intensifies the effect of modern warfare is gradually realised as exhaustion, fear and adrenaline set in.



Fri 24 June 8.10pm, Sat 25 June 6pm, 8.10pm, Sun 26 June 12pm, Mon 27 & Tue 28 June 6pm, 8.10pm, Wed 29 June 2pm, 6pm, 8.10pm

Cert TBC, 1hr27

Dir. Gustave de Kervern, France, 2010

French with English subtitles

One of France’s biggest box office successes of 2010 and Nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Mammuth, from emerging young French directors Gustave de Kervern and Benoît Delépine (Louise-Michel, Aaltra), is an outrageously funny and subversive tale of one man’s attempt to secure his state pension, whilst facing the prospect of retirement and the inevitability of growing old in the modern world. Starring Gérard Depardieu.


Fri 24 & Sat 25 June 7.40pm, Sun 26 & Mon 27 June 5.30pm

Cert 12A, 2hr10

Dir. Alexei Popogrebsky, Russia, 2010

Russian with English subtitles

A polar station on a desolate island in the Arctic Ocean – Sergei, a seasoned meteorologist, and Pavel, a recent college graduate, are spending months in complete isolation on the once strategic research base. Pavel receives an important radio message and is still trying to find the right moment to tell Sergei, but his innate fear of the older man prevents him passing on the message. From this deception, lies and suspicions start poisoning the atmosphere that leads to a suspense-filled climax.


Mon 27 June 8.20pm, Tue 28 June 6.05pm, Wed 29 June 2.15pm, 6.05pm, 8.20pm, Thu 30 June 6.05pm, 8.20pm

Cert 15, 1hr27

Dir. Johnnie To, Hong Kong, 2010

Cantonese with English subtitles

Kei is an experienced pickpocket known as the “Sparrow” who becomes mesmerized by a dashing beauty named Chun-Lei. But behind Chun-Lei’s attractive facade lies a mysterious past and a mission to set herself free. From this sudden appearance, daily proceedings of the band of pick-pockets are disrupted by the lady, who turns the tables on them. Following her trail, the pick-pockets are led to a face-off on the streets of Hong Kong with a rival pick-pocket gang, with both gangs vying for the possession of this enigmatic lady.


Jamie Cullem Live from Cheltenham Festival

Sun 1 May, 8.15pm

Cost: £12 full / £11 conc.

Jamie will be performing an exclusive set at this year’s Cheltenham Jazz Festival, including new unheard material alongside some classics from his bestselling albums and you can experience the magic of Jamie’s solo concert live via satellite here on the big screen.

Tickets for Cheltenham Jazz Festival sold out within 3 hours and, as Jamie Cullum is not touring in the UK this year, this is a rare chance to catch the musician in action.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a truly groundbreaking one-off event. Take your seats 8:15pm for 8:30pm start. There will be a 20 minute interval.


Encore screenings of Frankenstein

Fri 6 May, 5.30pm

REVERSE CAST: Sat 7 May, 8.15pm

Cost: £12 full / £11 conc.

Due to popular demand we have programmed 2 encore screenings of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is adapted for the stage by Nick Dear and realised by Danny Boyle in his return to the National Theatre after winning the Academy Award for best director for Slumdog Millionaire. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller have alternated the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature and we have an encore screening of

both versions of the cast. (Suitable for 15+).

Thee Moths Presents: An Evening Of Electronica, Noise & 8-Bit Sounds

Sat 7 May, 8.30pm til late

Admission free

In the age of perpetual forward motion, we present a sonic retrospective of the music that continues to inspire generations of musicians both popular and avant-garde, featuring…

Thee Moths:

For more than 10 years Alex Botten has hovered around the edges of the global underground, making amorphous, organic, growing electronica based noise; improvised and interactive.

and will be joined by:



8-Bit Ninjas



Film & TV Quiz

Mon 9 May & 13 Jun, 8 / 8.30pm

Cost: £5 per team (up to 4 people)

Our monthly quiz offers you the chance to put your film and TV knowledge to the test. With prizes for the winning team.


Open Mic Night

Tue 10 / 24 May & Tue 7 Jun, 8pm til late

Admission free

Light House’s very own open mic night, is a new addition to the Tuesday night experience in the city. Just turn up, sign up and grab the mic. An entertaining and welcome addition to our events programme, the informal night offers you the chance to explore your talents and passions for music, comedy, spoken word and poetry – what do you have to offer? For more info contact: [email protected]


Living in Emergency Q&A

Thu 12 May, 7.45pm

Normal ticket prices apply

Our special screening of this documentary about volunteers from the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) will be introduced and followed by a Q&A with a panel of MSF staff who will answer audience questions about their work in the field. Living in Emergency is a window into the seldom portrayed and less-than glamorous side of humanitarian aid work.


Sat 14 May, 7.30pm onwards

Admission free

Join us to celebrate this year’s Eurovision Song Contest live from Düsseldorf. Watch it on the big screen in Lock Works and take advantage of waiter service for the duration of the event, especially our German Pilsner on draught. Fancy dress is optional!


Live from the Met: Die Walküre

Sat 14 May, 5pm

Cost: £18 / £12.50 under 15s

A stellar cast comes together for this second installment of Robert Lepage’s new production of the Ring cycle, conducted by James Levine. Bryn Terfel is Wotan, Lord of the Gods. Deborah Voigt adds the part of Brünnhilde to her extensive Wagnerian repertoire at the Met. Jonas Kaufmann and Eva-Maria Westbroek star as the twins, Siegmund and Sieglinde, and Stephanie Blythe is Fricka. Sung in German with Met titles in English. Running time: 5hrs15

A Musical Journey

Wed 18 May, 8.15pm

Cost: £12 / £11 conc.

Acknowledged as the best orchestra in the world, the Berlin Philharmonic under their principal conductor Sir Simon Rattle present Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 in D Major, a unique and breath-taking experience.

The concert was filmed in the Esplanade concert hall Singapore and is cut with scenes of Singapore life around the city which translate the music themes into real city life scenes. There are two acts – Mahler’s First Symphony and Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances with a short interval. Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Mahler’s death.


Deaffest 2011

Fri 20 – Sun 22 May

Admission free

Deaffest is the UK’s only Deaf-led film and television festival, which celebrates the talents of Deaf filmmakers and media artists from all over the world. This dynamic and thriving festival helps to nurture talent in the Deaf community and showcase the work of Deaf  filmmakers and producers.

This year we see the return of the Film & TV Gala Awards, film workshops for young people and the Young Deaffest showcase, a subtitled selection of the Best of Encounters Festival 2010 and a range of short and feature films from Deaf filmmakers around the world. There will be activities for families throughout the Saturday daytime alongside a free subtitled screening of Tangled at 2pm on the Sunday, courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK.

The majority of the festival is admission free and the Gala is ticketed. Visit www.deaffest.co.uk for more info.


Marathon Music Night

Sat 28 May, 8pm til late

Cost: £5

Need some more funk in your life?! Join us in Lock Works for live music from local funk outfit, Dr. Funkenstein’s Marvellous Medicine, followed by a fantastic DJ set. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, it’s all for charity, as at least £4 from every ticket sold will go to the British Heart Foundation.

This event has been organised by Faye Daly, who will be running the Edinburgh Marathon on 22 May, in honour of her Father-in-law Mike, who died of a heart attack in 2009. Tickets are available on the door

on the night. Follow Faye’s marathon training at


The Importance of Being Earnest

Thu 2 Jun, 6.45pm

Cost: £12 full / £11 conc.

Filmed live from Broadway in high definition, Light House presents Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, a classic comedy of mistaken identity, which ridicules codes of propriety and etiquette. Tony winner Brian Bedford directs the show and stars as Lady Bracknell, leading a cast that features Dana Ivey as Miss Prism, Paxton Whitehead as Reverend Chausible, Santino Fontana as Algernon Moncrieff, David Furr as Jack Worthing, Tim MacDonald as Merriman, Paul O’Brien as Lane, Charlotte Parry as Cecily Cardew and Sara Topham as Gwendolyn.

Produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company, The Importance of Being Earnest has been a critical and popular hit on Broadway this season and will be broadcast to cinemas around the world. Take your seats for 6.45pm ready

for curtain up at 7pm.

Summer at Glyndebourne: Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg

Sun 26 Jun, 2.45pm

Cost: £18 Adult / £12.50 under 15s

Light House is pleased to present Summer at Glyandebourne, starting with Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Glyndebourne’s first ever staging of Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg is an opera of epic proportion. Directed by David McVicar, fresh from completing his first Ring cycle, and conducted by the Festival’s Music Director, Vladimir Jurowski, the production fulfils the artistic dream of Glyndebourne’s founder, John Christie.


Summer at Glyndenourne continues with…

Don Giovanni – 31 Jul, 6pm and The Turn of the Screw – 21 Aug, 6pm

National Theatre Live: The Cherry Orchard

Thu 30 Jun, 6.45pm

Cost: £12 full / £11 conc.

The culmination of the popular National Theatre Live 2010/11 season will be Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. This spirited new version of Chekhov’s last play reunites director Howard Davies with Andrew Upton following their acclaimed productions of Philistines and The White Guard. Zoë Wanamaker will play Madame Ranevskaya. Set at the very start of the twentieth century, The Cherry Orchard captures a poignant moment in Russia’s history as the country rolls inexorably towards 1917. Take your seats for 6.45pm ready for curtain up at 7pm.


Wolverhampton on the Fringe

Light House brings you a new and exciting comedy season featuring some of the best UK comedians, new faces and seasoned-pros. You are invited to sneak preview performances, which will be taken to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2011.

These special preview nights, in the lead up to Edinburgh’s annual festival, offer a valuable showcase for Fringe performers to judge crowd reaction and fine tune their routine. So why not join us each night for two 1-hour ‘work in progress’ shows. You could be watching the next big thing to emerge from Fringe!

With notable shows from co-founder of Viz Simon Donald, Birmingham based Guardian columnist, Shazia Mirza and Mock the Week regular, Zoe Lyons.



Thu 26 May, 8.30pm:

John Scott – Totally Made Up

Jason Cook – The Search for Happiness (The End Part 2)


Thu 9 Jun, 8.30pm:

Sally-Anne Hayward – Don’t Judge Me

Susan Murray’s Photo Booth


Thu 23 Jun, 8.30pm:

Carey Marx – Lazyness…and stuff

Simon Donald – Him off the Viz


Thu 7 Jul, 8.30pm:

Pete Firman

Matt Kirshen


Thu 21 Jul, 8.30pm:

Mick Ferry

Chris McCausland


Thu 28 Jul, 8.30pm:

Shazia Mirza

Zoe Lyons

Tickets cost £12 per night. Over 18s only. Doors open 8.15pm for an 8.30pm start. (Line up may be subject to change)

There’s also an opportunity to become a reviewer and receive a free ticket to the show, as well as getting your review published on the Light House website. Contact Ren on e: [email protected] for info.

Endorsed by the Edinburgh Fringe Season. Sponsored by Hollows Ginger Beer – look out for offers and samples.


Light House’s exhibition season The Archive has begun with new exhibiton The Street featuring a special talk by Pete James, Head of Photographs at Birmingham Library in June.

The season will continue with Black Country Stories by Martin Parr from Fri 1 Jul – Fri 30 Sept with a talk from Parr on Wed 27 Jul. Followed by Selling Dreams: A Hundred Years of Fashion Photography from Fri 14 Oct – Fri 13 Jan. Visit www.light-house.co.uk for more info.


The Street by Andrew Jackson & Dean Kelland

Until Fri 17 Jun

Taking archive interviews, film and photographs, Jackson & Kelland use the racial tensions of 1960s Smethwick as a starting point to explore both historical and contemporary debates on immigration in Britain. Presenting stories, memories and photographs from two culturally different perspectives, the audience is invited to question what may or may not be real in this new exhibition. Things that we know to be true are constantly replaced through acts of revisionism. With this in mind the artists invite the audience to investigate the combination of current and archive information that they have presented.

By interpreting what they have found in the archives, combining fact and fiction throughout, Jackson and Kelland encourage the audience to question what they see, hear and understand in the exhibition. This exhibition plays on our faith in archives, photographs, history and documentary and asks people to come to their own conclusions.

That an exhibition which subverts the whole notion of documentary photography has been set in a gallery which shows factual exhibitions takes the challenge to the audience one step further.

This is the first time the two artists have worked together and is the first showing of this exhibition. Andrew Jackson is a documentarian and graduate of the MA Documentary programme at the European Centre of Photography, Newport. Dean Kelland is a contemporary artist currently undertaking a PhD in Fine Art practice at Central St Martins. Both artists have exhibited extensively around the UK.

Exhibition Talk: The Street

Thu 16 Jun, 6.30pm

Admission free

Pete James, Head of Photographs at Birmingham Library will be talking to Dean Kelland and Andrew Jackson about their exhibition The Street, and discussing the role of archives.



Bhopal 25 by Pardeep Kairo

Bhopal 25: Examining life after the Bhopal industrial disaster of 1984

Thu 9 – Sat 25 Jun

Just after midnight, on the night of 2 December 1984, a catastrophic gas leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India saw the beginning of the world’s worst  industrial disaster. It has come to be known as the Hiroshima of the chemical industry. Thousands of people died immediately and, since that day, tens of thousands more people have died as a result of their exposure to the toxic gas, with a further 120,000 developing chronic medical conditions that require constant healthcare.

This exhibition explores life 25 years after the tragedy, and the various organisations working in Bhopal to aid those suffering from gas exposure and water contamination. With his exhibition Pardeep aims to portray the positive and remarkable work carried out by such organisations, as well as looking at case studies to convey the damaging consequences of the Bhopal disaster. In doing so, he hopes to raise awareness of the Bhopal gas tragedy and the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

For more info visit www.bhopal.org



Len Spragg’s Caravan

Photographs by Hubert Wallace Redfern. Curated by Mairi Turner and Catherine Fuller.

Until Fri 17 Jun

This is an exhibition with a curious back story. The photographs were taken by Hubert Wallace Redfern, an avid amateur photographer who managed to amass a collection of over 2000 slides during his lifetime. The collection was passed on to the curators, who transformed it from a family archive to the status of ‘found photography’.

With no personal connection to the photographs, the curators were able to assess them with a fresh, unmediated eye. The concept of found photography is one that is gaining increased recognition in the time of digital photography, perhaps because the idea of a photograph as an object to be collected seems to have passed.

As well as documenting interpersonal relations in an extended family, the photographs unwittingly document entire eras of interior design, fashion, leisure and consumer aspirations. The period details of the photographs provide a glimpse into an unfamiliar time, but the basic arenas in which they were taken remain the same as the majority of today’s digital photography: home, the workplace and leisure.


We have a range of one day workshops in video production, photography and animation, open to all ages and skills levels.  For further info on each course and costs visit www.light-house.co.uk and to book a place contact Light House Box Office on 01902 716055.

Women’s Workshop: Intro to Video Production

Women’s Workshop: Intro to Post Production

Women’s Workshop: Creative Editing Techniques

Introduction to Digital Photography

Professional Camera Techiques

Intro to Lighting Techniques for Video & Photography

Intro to Video Production Techniques

Digital Cinematography

Intro to Final Cut Pro

Photographing People

Creative Editing Techniques

Intro to After Effects