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Tata Pixel

Tata Pixel

The University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors of India, are celebrating more than five years partnership at the University of Warwick campus by showcasing their collaborative research work in automotive technology with a focus on Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Research and Development.

Tata’s Tata Pixel concept car, fresh from its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, is to make its first public appearance in the UK on Monday 28th March at the University of Warwick. Tata Motors has invested over £85 million in automotive research and development at TMETC since it was established on the WMG Campus in 2005. TMETC brings together 240 engineers, with extensive experience in automotive research, design and development, to work alongside WMG, researchers in Low Carbon Technology collaborative programmes.

Tata Motors’ European Technical Centre, a centre of excellence in Electric Vehicle technology for Tata Motors, will showcase the Vista EV that is soon to be launched in the UK. WMG and Tata will present examples from their collaborative research, including the Government sponsored Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Programme (LCVTP).

Nick Fell Director of the Tata Motors European Technical Centre said “WMG and TMETC are building on this successful partnership to further grow TMETC’s presence at the University of Warwick. We are already a strong team of 240 engineers and researchers working alongside WMG colleagues, with 60 of these hired over the last 12 months due to increased R&D investment. We plan to further increase our team over the next two years, and we are discussing establishing test and development facilities here. This shows our commitment to build and develop our R&D facilities in collaboration with WMG for the longer term.”

Dr Tim Leverton, Head of Advanced and Product Engineering at Tata Motors Limited said
“TMETC plays a vital role in Tata Motors global R&D network. Tata Motors gets access to world class thoughts, skills and technologies through the TMETC and the collaboration with WMG. The contribution of TMETC and WMG is important to Tata Motors becoming an international company.”

The event will take place in The University of Warwick’s WMG International Digital Laboratory at 10.00am on Monday 28th March.