Murdoch ‘enters Tripoli’ and on verge of victory

Howard Elston, our very own really good reporter, files from the Libyan frontline.

Forces loyal to Rupert Murdoch reportedly entered the outer suburbs of Tripoli today as the North African fighting reaches its final chapter.

There was sporadic gunfire heard and tv satellite dishes  seen near major roadways as it now seems inevitable that the long awaited siege of the capital is about to begin.

The liberating army, nicknamed Roops Troops, were last night entertained by a 4 hour speech by their leader. Mr Murdoch told them via a video link from his Manhattan penthouse: ‘Never look back. Today Libya, tomorrow the Beeb.’

Libyan hardman boss Col Muammar Qudafi-duq is said to be in hiding as the Australian media mogul now seems within range of his promise to capture the capital before the newest episode of Boardwalk Empire goes out tomorrow night on Sky Atlantic.

He said that  Radio WM  is his only hope of keeping control of his fiefdom.

Media commentator David Shuttleworth, from his yacht off the Benghazi coastline, exclusively told me: ‘It’s only a matter of hours. But Murdoch, I am told, has offered Qudafi-duq an independent supervising board made up of independent diplomats which only he- Murdoch- will independently control. ‘

‘It seems reasonable to me.’

The only problem now facing Murdoch’s advancing phalanx of producers, presenters and accountants is whether they can cash in their expenses before hitting the bars and stripjoints of downtown Tripoli.

In the past, there have been reports that his armies are known to rebel if bar bills are not paid within 24 hours. Some have been known to defect and switch sides to CNN or even local ITV if their demands are not met.

David Cameron, a well known politician from a swampy failing island off Europe said: ‘We welcome Mr Murdoch’s claim to the Libyan throne. He is an honest man. He will bring civil rights and lots of American tv to the people of this country. I watch Sky News all the time because it is so good.’