Birmingham’s Chance to Discuss High Speed Rail

HS2One of the most controversial topics of our time will, at last, get a fair and balanced hearing on Monday at an event organised by Birmingham Friends of the Earth and Sustainability West Midlands in Birmingham’s council house.

A panel of experts representing both sides of the argument will come face to face in front of 200 people from all walks of life wanting to get to the bottom of some of the claims made about this project.

The panel will be, Jim Steer from Greenguage21, Christian Wolmar, the respected transport journalist, Professor Mike Geddes, and Martin Dyer, vice-chair of the West Midlands Business Transport Group with BBC radio presenter Adrian Goldberg chairing.

Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaigner Joe Peacock said:

“We really need to ensure that the government invests in the right solutions to transform our transport system and create a low carbon economy that’s fit for the future. We are unconvinced that the current scheme will do this, but are keen to hear some answers to the questions we have about it”

Sustainability West Midlands’ Executive Director Dr Simon Slater said:

“High Speed Rail has divided opinion amongst our business, local authority and voluntary sector members. We need this debate to help our leaders get lasting economic, social and environmental benefits from this scheme for the West Midlands.”

There is limited space, so if you wish to attend, please register online at the Birmingham Friends of the Earth website, or, if you do not have access to the internet, you can call during office hours (Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm) and they will register you over the phone, (0121) 632 6909.