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Without a shadow of doubt current transfer moves that have seen stupid ridiculous fees paid by clubs who feel they HAVE to pay the asking prices, are merely confirmation that the British game has changed beyond comprehension. £35 million for a player who may, or may not, prove a success in the Greed League’!

Admittedly Andy Carroll could turn out to be very expensive bargain but the truth is he didn’t ask for a move, was happy at Newcastle and wanted to stay at his home club. Mike Ashley’s wasn’t having any of that. He saw the opportunity of swelling the Geordies budget and wasn’t in the gambling mood to turn the offer down. Exit Carroll after being asked to submit a written transfer request which meant Ashley wouldn’t have to have cough up whatever terms were written into the contract surrounding various entitlements, and that was it.

Request submitted – exit the ‘Georgie’ favourite leaving United fans bitterly disappointed. But then isn’t the norm for any clubs loyal life long supporters.

On to Liverpool’s, now Chelsea’s, Fernando Torres.

Okay he’d been way off his best form at Anfield but again recently he’d stressed he wanted to stay and play for Kenny Dalglish.  When a £50 million transfer fee was put on the table meaning a VERY substantial increase in wages, then was it a surprise he didn’t make the decision to stay and play under Dalglish’s new regime? To compound matters, in the process leaving a very nasty taste in the mouths of Liverpool and their fans, he told the assembled media that it had always been his ambition to play for a top-flight club, and wanted to score against the #Pool in his first game!

Yes Torres is a world-class player but in terms of diplomacy he needs to enrol at a charm school that might, I said, might, go some way towards convincing him and any other player that if you open mouth to early you may find a hefty, brightly, expensive, boot stuck there for all time!

But back in the real world Albion, struggling to keep out of the bottom three, found themselves facing Wigan at the Hawthorns. Surely a great opportunity to put themselves another three points ahead of a team that are one of the favourites the drop and if losing could start anticipating some delightful visits to the delights of Barnsley, Scunthorpe and others next season?

Well, at half-time the Albion faithful it made it perfectly clear just what they’d thought of a painful 45 minutes. Boos, boos, and more boos’ well deserved ones despite that after just five minutes Peter Odemwingie had scored his ninth goal of the season. We were hopeful of a win to ease the growing feelings that we could eventually be one of the bottom three. But that would mean the defence keeping a clean sheet, and as that’s as likely as you, me, and the gatepost, winning the lottery every week then was it any surprise that Wigan, a very low scoring team, took advantage courtesy of two free kicks, to take the lead and chance of a surprise away win?

A half-time rollicking from Di Matteo (?) did at long last offer some hope the game wasn’t yet lost and thankfully an Antoine Fortune header levelled the scores to set up a pulsating finale.

Two shots hit the post, the ball being hacked away as quickly as possibly by Wigan’s desperate defence, in contrast to their ability to waste time in true Gold Medal fashion which went a long way towards ensuring the 2-2 scoreline stayed as it was.

Naturally most interest was focused on new loan signing Carlos Vela hopefully bought to add punch to an Albion team that so desperately needed it. Coming from Arsenal his skill on the ball was clear to see, if he’s chosen to play a wide role, but as a goal-scorer (?) that remains to be seen.

This had been a wasted opportunity to send us home in high spirits while I daresay the mini-bus load of Wigan fans were equally disappointed they hadn’t killed the game off when they were clearly the better side.

So it’s off to Eastlands on Saturday to face the richest club in the game and with Mr Tevez in their line-up, if Albion continue to adapt hara kiri defensive tactics, there can only be one result – a Manchester City win.

But we travel in hope!

Come on you Baggies.

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