The pits

Andy Munro comments on Blues’ defeat at Villa Park and their future prospects.

I’ve got to the age when I only get a sick feeling in the stomach when there’s a funeral or somebody I know becomes seriously ill. Now added to that list is losing to the Villa, especially if it’s a result that could send us down. Even worse, when it’s our nemesis, Agbonlahor, who puts a nail in our coffin, possibly at the same time as rejuvenating a football career that looked dead in the water.

Okay, Harry pointed out that the Villa only had one or two shots on target and they scored from their first corner. In fairness, whilst those excuses sound almost Zolaesque, we’re certainly looking more solid but it’s a shame that up front we’re making the days of Cameron Jerome look prolific.

It’s got to that stage when we can’t rely on everybody to lose every game and we have to start doing it for ourselves. Yes, if Newcastle and Huddersfield’s results go right, it means that when Huddersfield play us they can’t get second spot but at the same time can’t be caught for the play-offs, which might take away the incentive when they play us.

The point is that if we’re good enough we’ll stay up because it is still in our own hands. But if we go down, I will switch over to a new mode of, Isn’t it great to go to new grounds and anyway, look at the likes of Swansea and Southampton who went through the divisions like a knife through butter.

Either way, let’s hope we have a great following against Huddersfield and a crowd that does us proud, including all the pathetics who can think of any excuse other than going down to support the team that they supposedly love.

2 thoughts on “The pits

  1. despite the excellent and very funny meme that went round of a putative Villa XI to face Blackburn – containing such luminaries as Djemba-Djemba, Ivo Stas etc. etc. – i for one hope that we take the end of season very seriously and thrash them, not that i wish to add to the misery of a club i have a lot of affection for, but think that with those owners they’ve got it coming….

    but more importantly, after a desperately poor season, last weekend’s derby showed exactly why the city needs both clubs to be in the same division.

    if not in the top flight, then a lower rung would do – i doubt the attendance would have been any different if both Villa and Blues were duking it out – and probably flailing – with clubs who are, let’s face it – often smaller but much better and more equipped to hold their own with ‘the big boys’.

    so i for one, hope that Villa thrash Blackburn, but that result has no bearing on ‘your’ season, because Blues get a favourable result on their own patch against a Huddersfield that seem to have got it right when they appointed their current manager, and you live to fight another day, and we get to see all of the angst, spite, venom and rivalry all over again next season, home and away.

    you never know, both of our clubs might be slumming it in the Championship for a long time to come…..

    having said that, Up The Villa……!!!

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