DTI launches masterclasses for inexperienced exporters

Help for small businesses to break into new markets in 2017.

West Midlands businesses whose new year’s resolution is to begin – or expand – their overseas trade can sign up for two new, free masterclasses, designed to help them enter an international market.

Organised by the Department for International Trade West Midlands, the day-long masterclasses – one of which will focus on export pricing while the other will examine how to win business in the international market – aim to give companies the support and advice they need to help them win new business abroad.

Christine Hamilton, interim regional director of the Department for International Trade West Midlands, said: “We know so many businesses that would benefit hugely if they entered the overseas market but have yet to take their first steps because they lack confidence or are only just starting to explore the benefits.

“Our masterclasses have provided the impetus for many companies to start their export journey and we are delighted to start 2017 in a positive vein with two new day-long sessions that are aimed at new or in experienced exporters.

“The recently launched great.gov.uk trade hub shows that there are plenty of opportunities out there for ambitious businesses and with our support, companies from sole traders upwards can really make their mark in the world.”

There are three export pricing masterclasses – 11th January, 2017, in Birmingham, 14th February in Stoke-on-Trent, and 21st March in Hereford – which will enable would-be exporters to look at all the cost factors involved in marketing and delivering products and services to overseas customers, plus identifying alternative pricing strategies, and how to address pricing issues and increase opportunities for export profitability.

How to win business in international markets masterclass will be held on 17th January in Telford, 1st February in Coventry, and 1st March in Malvern. It will focus on how to get the pitch and positioning right, how to communicate and work with overseas advisers, and submitting tenders and formal proposals.

To book or to find out more details about these and other free masterclasses organised by DIT West Midlands, visit ditwestmidlands.eventbrite.com

West Midlands businesses wanting to break into overseas markets, and take advantage of the global appetite for UK goods and services, should visit the new online trade hub, great.gov.uk.