UK’s first Asian Cinema archive to be held at Coventry University

A student society at Coventry University has secured its place as the home of a major film archive, the first of its kind in the UK.

Terracotta Film PrintsCoventry University East Asian Film Society (CUEAFS) has attracted an enthusiastic following and established important links with film distributors from across the world. This relationship has now resulted in the donation of five 35mm film prints worth around £6,000 from one of the UK’s leading distributors of Asian Cinema.

Terracotta Distribution has been a major supporter of CUEAFS since its foundation in 2009, taking an active part in the society’s development by supplying films, promotional material and overall professional advice and encouragement to students in the Department of Media.

Now to celebrate the opening of a new state of the art screening room at Coventry University, Terracotta has donated five film prints to the department, marking the start of the first archive of Asian Cinema in the UK.

Joey Leung, Managing Director of Terracotta Distribution said: “One of our aims in setting up Terracotta was to encourage the next generation of film lovers to watch more Far East Films, and Coventry University has embraced that.

“We chose to donate our collection of 35mm film prints to Coventry University because of our strong links with the students through sponsoring their East Asian film club, the standard of their film print storage facility, the passion which their lecturer Spencer Murphy has for teaching his students about  Asian Cinema, and their impressive approach to hands-on film making when they shot short films at the Terracotta Festival. We know the prints will have a loving home and fully support the University’s Department of Media as it builds up its library of films.”

Among the donated cinema prints are the South Korean hits ‘Breathless’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’, which students can now enjoy on the brand new cinema screen in the recently opened Hub building.

CUEAFS founder and Lecturer in Film and Visual Culture, Spencer Murphy said: “This latest act of generosity to our society, the donation of a number of 35mm film prints, is a testament to Terracotta’s investment in not only our University, but in the broader appreciation of East Asian film in the UK.

“I am immensely proud for our society to be associated with Terracotta and I know I speak on behalf of all the students in saying a massive thank you. We look forward to continuing our relationship, and with the help of Terracotta, CUEAFS can provide even more exciting events at Coventry University.”

Voted Society of the Year 2011 by Coventry students, CUEAFS aims to promote and celebrate cultural diversity by raising awareness of South East Asian Cinema. Films are screened every Wednesday from 2pm in the   Square One arts and entertainments venue in The Hub.