New technology on LandFlight buses

Contactless and tracking systems to aid passengers.

A popular West Midlands travel firm has installed new state-of-the-art contactless payment technology and real-time tracking systems on all of its buses as part of its ongoing commitment to its customers.

LandFlight, which is based in Solihull, has swapped all its old machines for new electronic ticket machines. This means contactless payment can be accepted on all its routes.

LandFlight director Danny Matthews said: “We took over these bus routes a comparatively short time ago. Since then we have listened to our passengers’ feedback and when they said they would like to be able to use contactless payment on our buses, we acted on that.

“As well as making contactless payment possible, the new ETMs provide our back office with real-time tracking of all our services and how they are performing against the timetabled schedules. This will enable us to meet our targets and to see where there are areas for improvement.

“The tracking feeds into the Real Time Information system at interchanges and on selected bus stops to give our passengers accurate information on how long they will be waiting until the next arrival.

“The RTI will also feed into the Network West Midlands app where passengers can get access to the progress being made by the next bus on their selected service route.
“The ETMs are one more way we are delivering on our promise to give our passengers the best possible service.”

For more details about LandFlight, call 0121 705 5555 or visit Landflight.