Musical talent set to inspire Birmingham youth

Music masterclass pays visit to Birmingham school.

On Friday 8th February, Holyhead School, Birmingham was visited by the Power of Muzik – an innovative programme created to empower and inspire young people through music education – for a musical masterclass with new educational book If You Can Speak, You Can Sing, written by celebrity vocal coach CeCe Sammy.

Leading the show was Asher Knight, a rising music star, and original member of the Power of Muzik collective, who experienced physical and emotional bullying first hand, as well as former X Factor contestant, Luena Martinez. At the school, the duo hosted a masterclass of the educational self-help book, If You Can Speak, You Can Sing which uses music uses music therapy techniques to help young people overcome societal pressures and challenges.

As well as offering vocal tips and tricks, the book features the real-life stories of Asher Knight and Luena Martinez, with the pair offering first hand advice on how music helped them to overcome adversity.

If You Can Speak You Can Sing draws upon CeCe Sammy’s professional life as a vocal and motivational coach and her personal life as a survivor of a brain aneurysm, which left her unable to speak or breath independently.

CeCe believes music played a vital role in her recovery as, whilst recuperating in the hospital, she saw a direct correlation between music and an increase in her mental and physical stimulation.

On the launch of the book, CeCe comments, “I hope that my new book will encourage young people to use music to help them face issues such as anxiety head on.”

CeCe adds, “With mental health and bullying common issues for today’s young people, the Power of Muzik actively seeks to encourage open conversation about these topics so they don’t feel along, in turn building confidence amongst the nation’s youth. The Power of Muzik collective, including Asher and Luena, are inspiring, brave young people and I’m extremely proud to have them on the tour. You can really sense that the students walk away from the concerts with a more positive and optimistic outlook and energy”.

If You Can Speak, You Can Sing will be available to buy on Amazon and in a number of retailers and will be given to every state school visited in 2019.